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Elan Drivers

Elan Drivers
Elan Drivers are now available for WolfPack Modular and Fixed Matrix Systems. HDTV Supply is pleased to announce that we have recently added Elan RS232 Drivers to support our WolfPack™ family of Matrix Systems that uses the RS232 port as the control method.

Most of HDTV Supplys modular matrix systems are controllable directly through a Elan control devices. Talk to your Elan installer about their iOS/Android control app that essentially mimics the layout of the onscreen interface and higher-priced touch-pad controllers. If your Elan control box is connected to your home network then you can launch the app, sign into your Elan account and get all the system and automation control right there on your phone or tablet, from anywhere in the house for a fee. Setting up a Elan system is usually not a DIY job and requires that you go through an authorized Elan dealer so contact Elan for one in your area.

NOTE: If you are ordering these for a past matrix order please give us that order number so we can make sure they are compatible with the matrix that you ordered. Failure to do so will delay your order. Call us if you have any questions.

The Elan driver controls only the Ins and Outs of the matrix and is what most users buy. These Elan drivers are located at Elans and cost $99. The Elan drivers are licensed to each matrix order and must be ordered again when the matrix order is placed. You cannot get them without ordering a matrix system. Call us at 833-WOLFPACK for more information if you need it.

6 - Examples of WolfPack 4K HDMI Matrix Systems having Elan Drivers...

$800 - CLICK WolfPack 4K 8X8 HDMI Matrix Switch

$700 - CLICK WolfPack 4K 9X9 HDMI Matrix Switch

$2,050 - CLICK WolfPack 16x16 HDMI Matrix Switch w/Video Wall, Scaling, Separate Audio, Apps & 100ms Switching

$1,750 - CLICK WolfPack 4K 18-18 HDMI Matrix Switch

$4,900 - CLICK WolfPack 4K 9x18 HDMI Matrix HDBaseT Switcher with 18-4K HDBaseT POE Receivers

$9,300 - CLICK WolfPack 4K 18x36 HDMI Matrix HDBaseT Switcher with 36-4K HDBaseT POE Receivers

HDTV Supply already gives you these other ways to control the matrix:
  1. Free iPad App (iOS)
  2. Free iPhone App (iOS)
  3. Free iPod App (iOS)
  4. Free Android Tablet App
  5. Free Android Phone App
  6. Free Samsung Galaxy Tablet App
  7. Free Samsung Galaxy Phone App
  8. Free Web GUI from any browser
  9. Dual RS232 ports
  10. Dual LAN (TCPIP) ports
  11. Front panel push-buttons
  12. Color Touchscreens
  13. Our WolfPack Sports Bar Control System
  14. Free One-Way Control4 Drivers
  15. 2-Way Control4 Drivers
  16. URC Drivers
  17. Elan Drivers
  18. RTI Drivers
  19. URC Drivers
  20. ...and more.
You now have access to over 2,000 Different WolfPack™ Modular HDMI Matrix Switchers to choose from with Elan™ drivers supporting 12-chassis sizes:
  1. 4x4
  2. 8x8
  3. 9x9
  4. 16x16
  5. 18x18
  6. 36x36
  7. 48x48
  8. 56x56
  9. 64x64
  10. 72x72
  11. 80x80
  12. 160x160
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Questions? Contact Chris Allen at or call us at 833-WolfPack (833-965-3722).

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