AIDA Imaging Cameras

AIDA Imaging Cameras

AIDA Imaging Products

AIDA Imaging makes Cameras and is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced video and audio equipment for a wide range of applications. AIDA Imaging manufactures a wide range of products in the field of professional audio and video equipment.

Here are some examples of the products AIDA offers:

Cameras: AIDA Imaging produces various types of cameras, including compact cameras, box cameras, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, and specialty cameras. These cameras are designed for professional video production, surveillance, live streaming, and other applications.

Converters: They offer HDMI/SDI converters, SDI/HDMI converters, and other signal converters that allow users to convert video signals between different formats and interfaces.

Recorders: AIDA Imaging manufactures video recorders that can capture and store high-quality video footage. These recorders often support different video formats and offer advanced features like timecode synchronization and remote control capabilities.

Monitors: They produce a range of professional monitors for video production and monitoring purposes. These monitors feature high-resolution displays, accurate color reproduction, and various input/output options.

Accessories: AIDA Imaging provides a range of accessories to complement their main product lines. These include camera mounts, power adapters, cables, control panels, and other essential components for building a complete audio and video setup.

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