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How to Control our WolfPack Matrices From Afar

How to Control our Matrices From Afar
HDTV Supply has dozens of way you can control our WolfPack Matrix Switchers ranging from front panel controls to free Apps. We also have the capability for you to remotely control your WolfPack matrix from faraway places, like another state or perhaps another country. This could be useful for water and electrical facilities who want to control the matrix from another location or similar applications. Here are a couple of ways:

You will need to have the WolfPack Matrix Switcher connected to a local WIFI router and make sure this WIFI router is connected to the network. Then have the remote control host be a DMZ point to the matrix switchers IP address. A DMZ, which is short for a DeMilitarized Zone, is a perimeter network that enables organizations to protect their internal networks. It enables organizations to provide access to untrusted networks, such as the internet, while keeping private networks or local-area networks (LANs) secure.

Another solution, although less secure, would be by using 3rd party remote control software, such as the Anydesk or Teamviewer with the steps being:

Step 1: You will need to have a control PC installed with the above remote control software, then connected with the matrix switcher and make sure this control PC is connected to the network.

Step 2: Then from the remote location, the user will be controlling the control PC with the same remote control software. We use this solution when we are doing remote technical support from here in the USA to our clients worldwide.

When using our AV Over IP systems without the IP control box, it will support iOS/Android APP, Windows software and with the IP control box, it will support the iPad APP, Windows software, WEB GUI and the 3rd party control by commands.

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