4K 60 Hz HDMI Matrix Switchers

4K 60 Hz HDMI Matrix Switchers

HDMI Matrix Switchers with Video Walls
Scroll down to see 500-4K HDMI Matrix Switchers having options of:
  1. Any source, to any TV, any way wanted
  2. Optional Built-in Video Wall Processing
  3. Scaling
  4. Any size, or quantity, of Video Walls
  5. Example Video Walls Shown
  6. Some support 180-degree TV flipping
  7. Supports 1080p, 4K 30 Hz & 4K 60 Hz
  8. Created in multiple sized Chassis
  9. Optional Supports 1080p CAT6 extension to 330'
  1. Optional 100ms Latency & Switching Time
  2. HDMI input cards & output cards
  3. Optional HDBaseT input cards & output cards
  4. Optional HDBaseT Receivers with POE
  5. Control via iOS & Android Apps & WEB GUI
  6. Optional Dual 7" Color Monitors Shown
  7. No monthly / yearly license fee

Scroll down to see HDTV Supply's 4K 60 Hz WolfPack Modular Matrix Switchers which are made up of a switcher chassis with multiple input slots and multiple output slots for input or output cards supporting device connections. Our WolfPack™ Modular Matrix Switchers with Internal Video Wall Processors can be controlled usually via an Android App, and iOS App, RS232, WEB GUI or TCP/IP connections. The number of video walls, and quantities of TVs, are only limited by the number of outputs that you have. Video Walls Shown are just examples. The WolfPackGold has an optional HDMI Multi-viewer Quad-View Card that can show 4-Videos on one display, like a larger projector screen.

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