Lume Cube Premium Lighting Products

Lume Cube Premium Lighting Products

Lume Cube Premium Lighting Products

HDTV Supply and Lume Cube have partnered to provide customers with innovative lighting solutions. HDTV Supply, a leading video equipment provider, and Lume Cube, a renowned manufacturer of portable lighting devices, have joined forces to deliver high-quality and versatile lighting products. This partnership will combine advanced technology and industry experience to cater to the diverse needs of professional photographers, videographers, content creators, and enthusiasts.

Through this collaboration, customers can expect to benefit from a comprehensive range of reliable and adjustable lighting solutions. Whether you need portable lighting for outdoor shoots, adjustable lighting for indoor settings, or multi-functional lighting for complex shoots, HDTV Supply and Lume Cube will offer solutions that meet your needs.

The Lume Cube Premium Lighting Solutions from HDTV Supply include:

  • Mobile Creator Lighting & Audio Kit
  • Cordless 12" Ring Light Mini
  • Lume Cube 2.0 Waterproof LED
  • Camera Lights Solutions
  • Studio Lights Solutions
  • Ring Lights Solutions
  • Flex Light Solutions
  • Lume Cube Solutions
  • Drone Lights Solutions
  • Desk Lights Solutions
  • Monitor Lights Solutions
  • Video Conference Lights Solutions
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