A-Neuvideo  Video and Audio Products

A-Neuvideo Video and Audio Products

a-neuvideo.pngA-Neuvideo is a manufacturer of professional audio and video equipment. Some of the products they make include video converters, scalers, extenders, splitters, matrix switches, and audio amplifiers. They also offer a range of digital signage solutions and accessories, such as HDMI cables, adapters, and distribution amplifiers. Their products are designed for use in various industries, including education, hospitality, corporate, government, and entertainment.

Many of their products are TAA-approved. TAA stands for the Trade Agreements Act, which is a federal law that governs government procurement. The TAA requires that products procured by the government meet certain requirements, including that they are manufactured or "substantially transformed" in the United States or in a designated country with which the US has a free trade agreement.

When a product is labeled "TAA compliant" or "TAA approved," it means that it meets the requirements of the Trade Agreements Act and can be purchased by government agencies for use in their operations. This designation is important for companies that wish to sell their products to government agencies, as TAA compliance is often a requirement for government contracts.

A-Neuvideo products are used in a variety of settings, including professional installations, digital signage, home theater systems, and video production environments. A-Neuvideo is known for its high-quality products, competitive pricing, and responsive customer support.

Products that A-Neuvideo makes include:

HDMI Splitters and Switches: A-Neuvideo offers a range of HDMI splitters and switches that allow users to split or switch between multiple HDMI sources.

Video Extenders: A-Neuvideo makes a variety of video extenders that enable users to transmit video signals over long distances using various transmission technologies, such as HDBaseT and fiber optic.

Converters: A-Neuvideo also makes a range of video converters that allow users to convert video signals from one format to another, such as HDMI to VGA or composite video to HDMI.

Matrix Switches: A-Neuvideo's matrix switches allow users to switch and distribute multiple video and audio signals to multiple displays and speakers.

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