Canare Products

Canare Products


HHDTV Supply has joined forces with Canare Corporation, a renowned manufacturer of professional audio and video cables and connectors, to offer customers enhanced video connectivity solutions. The partnership will leverage HDTV Supply's expertise in video equipment and Canare Corporation's reputation for high-quality cables and connectors to provide customers with reliable, high-performance video connectivity solutions. This partnership will enable HDTV Supply to expand its product offerings with Canare Corporation's industry-leading cables and connectors, catering to the increasing demand for robust and dependable video connectivity in various industries, including broadcasting, live events, and more. The collaboration between HDTV Supply and Canare Corporation aims to deliver top-notch video connectivity solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers in the ever-evolving AV landscape.

These Canare Products from HDTV Supply include:

  • Multichannel 75Ω Coax Solutions
  • Multichannel Analog Audio Solutions
  • 110Ω Digital Audio Solutions
  • Multichannel 110Ω Digital Audio Solutions
  • HDMIs  Solutions
  • 75Ω BNC Solutions
  • 75Ω Video Patchbay Solutions
  • BNC Connector Panel Solutions
  • 12G-SDI EO/OE Converter Solutions
  • 3G-SDI EO/OE Converter Solutions
  • 12G-SDI Repeater Solutions
  • Coaxial Cable Stripper Solutions
  • HFO Connector Extraction Tool Solutions
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