Pixotope Products

Pixotope Products


HDTV Supply has entered into a strategic partnership with Pixotope, a leading provider of virtual production and augmented reality (AR) solutions. This collaboration allows HDTV Supply to incorporate Pixotope's state-of-the-art virtual production technology into their offerings, providing customers with advanced AR solutions for their audiovisual projects. Together, HDTV Supply and Pixotope are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge virtual production solutions that push the boundaries of creativity and transform the way content is produced and delivered in the AV industry.

These Pixotope Products from HDTV Supply include:

  • Pixotope Graphics VS/AR Edition
  • Pixotope Graphics XR Edition
  • Pixotope Camera Tracking
  • Pixotope Talent Tracking
  • Extended Reality Solutions
  • Augmented Reality Solutions
  • Virtual Studios Solutions
  • Broadcasting Solutions
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