CASTUS Products

CASTUS Products


HDTV Supply, a leading provider of audio and video equipment, has partnered with CASTUS, a top provider of Cloud-Based Video & Live Streaming Solutions. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders with a shared commitment to delivering reliable and efficient broadcasting solutions to customers. Through their partnership, HDTV Supply and CASTUS are able to offer comprehensive solutions that include cutting-edge video equipment and powerful software tools for managing and distributing content. This partnership will benefit a wide range of industries, including hospitality, education, and government, by providing them with the latest technology and exceptional customer support.

The CASTUS Cloud Services Solutions from HDTV Supply include:

  • Video On Demand
  • Live Streaming
  • Multiple Live Channels
  • Stream From The Cloud
  • Channel Analytics
  • Analytics On All Your Videos
  • Adaptive BIT Rate (ABR)
  • Record & Re-Stream
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