Furman Products

Furman Products


HDTV Supply and Furman have partnered to provide customers with high-quality power management solutions. HDTV Supply offers a range of audiovisual products, while Furman specializes in power management and protection equipment. Their partnership enables customers to protect their valuable audiovisual equipment from power surges, noise, and other electrical disturbances. They offer a range of solutions, including power conditioners, voltage regulators, and uninterruptible power supplies that are designed to meet the needs of professional audiovisual installations. Their partnership provides customers with a complete power management solution that is reliable, flexible, and efficient.

The Furman Powers Solutions from HDTV Supply include:

  • Pro A/V Power - 120V
  • Home Theater Power – 120V
  • Compact Power – 120V
  • Power Sequencing
  • Egendary Technologies
  • Series Multi-Stage Protection
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown
  • Linear Filtration Technology
  • Discrete Symmetrically Balanced Power
  • Power Factor Technology
  • Stable Power Regulation
  • BlueBOLT Remote Power Management
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