LEA Audio Products

LEA Audio Products

LEA Audio

HDTV Supply and LEA Audio are partnering to bring innovative audio solutions to the commercial AV market. LEA Audio's line of IoT-enabled amplifiers and technologies will be available through HDTV Supply's online store and distribution network. This partnership will make it easier for installers and integrators to get the products they need to create high-quality audio experiences in a variety of commercial settings.

LEA Professional is a company that develops and manufactures smart amplifiers and technologies for professional audio systems. Their products are designed for small to medium commercial and retail installations, as well as large-scale audio systems.

LEA amplifiers are IoT-enabled, which means that they can be remotely controlled and monitored over a network. This makes them ideal for applications where it is important to be able to manage the audio system from a central location. LEA amplifiers also support Dante, which is a high-performance audio networking protocol. This allows them to be used in complex audio systems with multiple sources and destinations.

These LEA Audio Products from HDTV Supply include:

  • Network Connect Solutions
  • Dante Connect Solutions
  • Connect 1504 Solutions
  • Sharkware Solutions
  • Web UI Solutions
  • LEA Cloud Solutions
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