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Sports Bar TV Systems

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HDTV Supply Inc, a more than two decades old company in Los Angeles, CA., has a special reputation for supplying WolfPack Sports Bar TV Packaged Systems. Over the years, we have become the leading supplier for Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switchers because of an ever-expanding range of WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switcher models.

Scroll down to see WolfPack Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switchers over CAT6 with iPad Control & Options for:

  1. All on iPad(s):
  2. Change DirecTV channels
  3. Change DISH channels
  4. Change Cable Box channels
  5. Any channel up to 80-TVs
  6. Turn ON/OFF all TVs
  7. iPad shows floor plan
  8. Uses only one iPad page
  9. No expensive Touch screens
  10. DirecTV, DISH & Cable
  11. PCs, DVDs, etc
  12. AppleTV, Roku & Fire Sticks
  1. Karaoke & Video DJ's
  2. Shows what source is tuned to
  3. CAT6 to 4K @ 110'
  4. CAT6 to 1080p @ 220'
  5. 4K now, don't have to upgrade
  6. 10-Button Keypad 150' away
  7. Dual Color Screens
  8. See a TV Guide on iPad
  9. 7" Color Touchscreens
  10. Any size or qty Video Walls
  11. HDMI Quad-View Card
  12. No Monthly Fees

The Sports Bar TV control systems are used to connect multiple TV screens to display different sports and other channels. You can do all this with the convenience of an iPad or any other tablet. The WolfPack Sports Bar TV Systems are designed to give you maximum flexibility for displaying the most popular sports on selected screens; and you can connect up to 80 TVs. The available options to buy multiple TV control systems are to connect 9, 18, 36, 48, 56, 64, 72, and 80 TV screens.

Multifunctional and an easy-to-use iPad Control allows you to change DirecTV channels, DISH channels, and Cable Box channels at a finger's touch. You have complete access to the floor plan over a single page of iPad; therefore, you do not need to buy additional touch screens. You can also connect and manage AppleTVs, Roku’s and Fire Sticks to display something unique and different. Many WolfPack multi-screen TV Systems come with CAT6 HDMI extenders with distances up to 330’. The wide range of WolfPack matrix HDMI switchers allows you to set dozens of TV screens as you want to maximize entertainment for the patrons. All the HDMI switch IP control systems run on CAT-6 cable.

Managing multiple TV walls becomes a fun activity, and you don’t need any special training. Connecting multiple TVs together with WolfPack sports bar multiple TV systems will keep your audience engaged for hours while you have complete freedom to control the display of each screen. The features like up & downscaling, 1080p, 4K/30 & 4K/60 resolutions, separate audio, 100ms switching time, etc make sports bar TV display more entertaining because of picture quality, better efficiency, and extended ease to manage the display.

HDTV Supply Inc provides complete assistance and service support to address your concern ‘how to set up multiple TVs for football or other games’. Whether you are planning for a home sports bar TV setup or for setting a Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switchers at a commercial large place, our service engineers are always available to guide you from scratch.

Scroll down to see 100s of products. If you need help call 833-WOLFPACK (833-965-3722) now.

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