Intelix Video and Audio Products

Intelix Video and Audio Products

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Intelix products are known for their high quality, reliability, and innovative features, and are widely used in a variety of commercial AV applications, including corporate boardrooms, classrooms, houses of worship, and sports venues. The brand is dedicated to providing customers with cutting-edge technology, exceptional service, and expert support, making it a trusted choice for AV professionals worldwide.


Some of the products offered by Intelix that HDTV Supply sells include:

  • Video and audio extenders: These Video and audio extenders are used to transmit high-quality video and audio signals over long distances, using various transmission technologies such as HDBaseT, HDMI, and fiber-optic.
  • Switchers and matrixes: These Switchers and matrixes: enable users to switch between and route multiple video and audio sources to multiple outputs. Intelix offers a range of switchers and matrixes with different inputs and outputs, supporting various video and audio formats.
  • Converters and scalers: These Intelix Converters and scalers are used to convert video and audio signals between different formats, resolutions, and frame rates. They also include features such as signal scaling, frame rate conversion, and EDID management to ensure optimal performance.
  • Distribution amplifiers: These Intelix Distribution amplifiers are used to split and amplify video and audio signals to multiple displays and speakers, maintaining the signal quality and consistency.
  • Audio processors and amplifiers: These Intelix Audio processors and amplifiers are used to enhance and amplify audio signals for improved sound quality and performance. They include features such as EQ, dynamics processing, and mixing capabilities.
  • Control systems and accessories: These Intelix Control systems and accessories include various control systems and accessories such as keypads, remote controls, and software solutions for seamless control and management of AV systems.

Overall, Intelix offers a comprehensive range of video and audio products designed to meet the needs of a wide range of commercial AV applications, from conference rooms and classrooms to large venues and stadiums.

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