Purelink Video and Audio Products

Purelink Video and Audio Products

PurelinkFocused on innovation and quality, PureLink is the leading provider of digital connectivity solutions to commercial audio/video and IT markets worldwide. Since its inception in 2001, PureLink has been committed to developing innovative audio, video, and computer signal processing solutions, constantly driven by the changing needs of the professional customer.

Purelink (formerly known as Dtronics & Dtrovison) is a leading manufacturer of professional and consumer digital A/V and PC connectivity products including DVI / HDMI Switching, Conversion, and Distribution Systems as well as Fiber Optic cable systems for long distance HDTV extensions when the source and display are more than 15 feet apart. The products are sold under the brand name PureLink.

NOTE: Many of Purelink products are TAA Compliant meaning they are not made in China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, and Sri Lanka. Please check the Purelink product page that you are wanting to confirm it is TAA compliant.

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