More HDMI Matrix Switchers

More HDMI Matrix Switchers

Fixed Hdmi Matrix Switchers

SCROLL DOWN to see 1,000s HDMI Matrix Switchers allowing any HDMI input to be routed to any HDMI output in any combination. For example, our 8x8 HDMI matrices give you thousands of input and output combinations. All our HDMI matrix switchers have HDCP on all ports, unlike our competition, assuring you of the finest uninterrupted picture.

Optionally many support our DVRpod system that with an iPad you can see, change, and send any DirecTV channel to TVs with the iPad showing your sports bar floor plan. All this shows on only one iPad page. Can't figure it out? Just call 833-WOLFPACK (833-965-3722) & we'll help or look below at our HDMI Matrix Switchers.

These HDTV Supply's 4K WolfPack™ Modular Matrix Switchers which are made up of various switcher chassis with multiple input slots and multiple output slots for input or output cards. Our WolfPack™ Modular Matrix Switchers can be controlled usually via an Android App, iOS App, 2-Way URC, Crestron, Control4 & Elan drivers, RS232, WEB GUI or TCP/IP connections. Here is how to choose from our HDMI Matrix Switchers:

  1. Determine the number of HDMI inputs and outputs you need now and, in the future,
  2. Measure the cable lengths from your source devices to the HDMI Matrix Switcher and from the HDMI Matrix Switcher to the widescreens & choose if you want HDMI cabling or HDMI to CAT6 conversion due to long cable lengths
  3. Choose how you want to control the HDMI Matrix Switcher between (1) a remote control, (2) front panel switches, (3) a PC via its RS232 control, (4) an Android / iPad app or (5) from a local area network (LAN)
  4. Look at your system layout and see if you need separate digital audio outputs
  5. Choose if you need 3D along with 2D capability
  6. Decide whether you need support for a 4K Ultra HD resolution TV
  7. Think about how you want to control your devices from afar using Remote IR or an RF remote control
  8. See whether you want to set the displays EDID or let the Matrix HDMI Switchers pass it through
  9. Consider whether you want just front panel button lights or want an input/output LCD display
  10. Decide whether you want an optional 3- or 5-year extended warranty

Stumped? Just call 833-WOLFPACK (833-965-3722) & we'll help or look here at our HDMI Matrix Switchers to buy one of our HDMI Matrix Switchers today?

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