DataCore Products

DataCore Products


HDTV Supply and DataCore have partnered to provide customers with high-performance storage solutions. HDTV Supply offers a range of audiovisual products, while DataCore specializes in software-defined storage and virtualization solutions. Their partnership enables customers to efficiently store and manage large amounts of audiovisual data with the performance and reliability required for professional applications. They offer a range of solutions, including high-speed storage systems and data management software that can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Their partnership provides customers with a complete storage solution that is scalable, flexible, and reliable.

The DataCore High-Performance Storage Solutions from HDTV Supply include:

  • Software-Defined Storage Solution
  • Modernize Without Disruption
  • Provide Uninterrupted Data Access & Application Availability
  • SDS Products
  • SAN & HCI / Block Storage
  • NAS / File Storage
  • Object Storage
  • Kubernetes Storage
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