HDMI Cables, Switchers & HDMI Splitters

HDMI Cables, Switchers & HDMI Splitters

HDTM Cables, HDMI Switchers & HDMI Splitters

WolfPack HDMI Splitters and WolfPack HDMI Switchers are taken transferable by people not knowing the difference between the two.

An WolfPack HDMI splitter receives the signal from a sole source and sends the split HDMI signal to connected devices. For example, you need an HDMI splitter to view the same movie on two screens at various locations. A WolfPack 1x2 HDMI splitter is a basic type of HDMI splitter that can display the received content on two or more TVs or monitors. 

A WolfPack HDMI Switcher receives the HDMI signal from several sources and sends the selected signals to one screen or projector. Here, you select the source device to view the content on the screen by switching the devices. For example, you can connect a Blu-ray player, and gaming console to the HDMI switch, and you can select Blu-ray player or gaming console content to be displayed on the TV.

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