1080p HDMI Modular Matrix Switchs via CAT6 to 450'

1080p HDMI Modular Matrix Switchs via CAT6 to 450'

WolfPackLite Modular Matrix Switchers

These HDTV Supply WolfPackLite Modular Matrix Switchers with Internal Video Wall Processors are made up of a switcher chassis with multiple input slots and multiple output slots for slide-in 4-port cards.

TABLET & PHONE APPS: They can be controlled via an Android App, and iOS App, Front Panel Control, RS232, WEB GUI or TCP/IP connections.

LHDT: This system uses our exclusive LHDT (Long HDMI Distance Technology) to extend HDMI over one Ethernet cable up to 450 feet over CAT5e/6/7 from the matrix switch. The picture quality looks like you are using a 3-foot HDMI cable as that it does not compress the video or audio, as well as it sends the appropriate voltage to power the receiver behind each TV so no AC adapter are needed there (POE).

VIDEO WALLS: Not only is this product an HDMI matrix switch, but it is also designed to support a video wall configuration. Your tablet is used to create video walls. It supports Drag-N-Drop Video Wall Processing & setups like creating a 2x2 Video Wall using 4-TVs with either one large picture or 4-individual pictures. The number of video walls, and quantities of TVs, are only limited by the number of outputs that you have.

DUAL HDMI & CAT6 OUTPUTS: The output card not only supports RJ-45 ethernet CAT6 cables but also has a female HDMI output for more expansion.

HDTV Supplys Video Wall HDMI Matrix Switchers can be used at Restaurants, Bowling Alleys, Fitness Centers, Sports Bars, Malls, Places of Worship, Data Centers, Casinos, Conference Rooms, Schools, Home Theaters, or any application requiring HDMI switching and Video Wall Configurations.

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