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Touch Screen Switching Operation

Touch Screen Switching OperationHDTV Supply has dozens of ways to operate their WolfPack family of Modular Matrix Switchers with all being shown at Controlling WolfPack Modular Matrix Systems. Our Touch screens are designed to seamlessly allow you to change inputs and outputs on our WolfPack modular matrix systems.

HDTV Supplys Touchscreen for their WolfPack family of products touch screen is a computer screen that can be used by touching it with a finger, or a stylus pen, instead of using push buttons. HDTV Supply has them both. It can be described as a touch pad with a screen built-in to it. One of the simplest methods is manually using the front panel Touch Screen on the matrix switch...but HDTV Supply takes that operation to a new level with these features:
  1. You are able to adjust the touch screen brightness so it can be adjusted accordingly to different environments
  2. The viewing angle is similar & very close to a mobile device
  3. The characters are bigger than the ones on the button chassis
  4. It is a beautiful colorful touch screen
  5. The characters are all uppercase
  6. The finger touch operation is very fast
  7. It is much easier to change an IP address as well as change the input and output names
  8. It is still visible to around two feet
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