Murideo Test Equipment

Murideo Test Equipment


Murideo Test Equipment, bought from HDTV Supply, was created to satisfy the need for modern tseting tools in the Manufacturing, Pro A/V, Calibration and Custom A/V market. Through a depth of knowledge brought on from years of experience in the electronics industry, the team at Murideo has brought cutting edge testing equipment to the world that was previously only available to the elite. The philosophy of Murideo is simple, focus on technology, focus on design, and focus on thier users.

HDTV Supply is happy to be an Authorized Dealer of their products.

Reliable calibration, testing and troubleshooting tools are built for the Manufacturer, Calibrator, Pro and Residential Audio/Video Integrator.

Murideo is a brand that offers a range of video testing and measurement solutions for professional video integrators and home theater enthusiasts. Their products are designed to help installers and integrators ensure that video systems are calibrated and functioning optimally, delivering the best possible picture quality.

Overall, Murideo Test Equipment products are known for their accuracy and reliability in video testing and calibration. They are designed to be easy to use, yet powerful enough to meet the needs of professional integrators and home theater enthusiasts alike.

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Features of Murideo Test Equipment:

  • Video Test Pattern Generation: Murideo test equipment products often include advanced capabilities for generating precise and customizable video test patterns. These patterns can be used for video calibration, troubleshooting, and evaluating video performance.
  • Signal Analysis and Monitoring: Murideo test equipment may offer comprehensive signal analysis and monitoring features. This could include real-time monitoring of video signals, analyzing signal integrity, checking color accuracy, and measuring various video parameters.
  • HDR Testing and Calibration: High Dynamic Range (HDR) is an important feature in modern video displays. Murideo test equipment might include tools and features specifically designed for testing and calibrating HDR displays. This could involve generating HDR test patterns, measuring peak brightness, evaluating color accuracy, and assessing HDR performance.
  • HDMI Testing and Troubleshooting: HDMI is the most common interface for connecting audiovisual devices. Murideo devices may include features for testing and troubleshooting HDMI signals. This could involve detecting HDMI signal issues, identifying compatibility problems, and verifying HDCP compliance.
  • EDID Management: EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is information exchanged between a source device and a display to establish communication and determine display capabilities. Murideo EDID test equipment might offer features for managing and manipulating EDID data to resolve compatibility issues or test various display scenarios.
  • Audio Testing and Analysis: In adition to video-related features, Murideo audio test equipment may include audio testing and analysis capabilities. This could involve evaluating audio signals, measuring audio performance parameters, and ensuring audio integrity.
  • Portability and Connectivity: Murideo test equipment are often designed with portability in mind, allowing users to easily carry and use them in different testing and calibration environments. They offer various connectivity options, such as HDMI inputs and outputs, USB connections, and network interfaces.

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