NowSignage Digital Signage Products

NowSignage Digital Signage Products

NowSignage Digital Signage Products

HDTV Supply and NowSignage have formed a partnership to provide advanced digital signage solutions to customers across multiple industries. HDTV Supply, a leading provider of audiovisual equipment, will integrate NowSignage's cloud-based software platform into their product offerings, enabling customers to easily manage and deploy digital signage content in real-time. The partnership aims to enhance the customer experience in various settings, such as retail stores, restaurants, and corporate offices, by providing them with dynamic, engaging content that can be updated quickly and efficiently.

The NowSignage Digital Signage Solutions from HDTV Supply include:

  • Android Player Solutions
  • Windows Player Solutions
  • MacOS Player Solutions
  • Amazon Player Solutions
  • Browser Player Solutions
  • Brightsign Player Solutions
  • Chrome OS Player Solutions
  • Samsung Tizen Solutions
  • Google Play Solutions
  • iOS Player Solutions
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