AVPro Edge HDMI Extenders

AVPro Edge HDMI Extenders

AVPro Edge HDMI ExtendersAVPro Edge HDMI Extenders from HDTV Supply, Inc. are wide range of HDMI extenders. When A/V Integrators need to run audio/video signals over HDMI most HDMI cables max out at around 15 feet when trying to pass a full 18Gbps signal.

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In order to deliver that signal to a greater length you are able to use AVPro Edge HDMI Extenders that work by using fiber or HDBaseT technology to convert the HDMI to a signal that can run on standard Ethernet cabling.

Once the signal is on a single CAT6, or greater, cable you can "extend" the video signal up to 100 meters or 330 feet and even longer when you cascade multiple extenders together, or use fiber.

Confused on what to pick? Here is a Quick look - AVPro Edge Extender Guide to help you make your choice or call HDTV Supply at 833-WolfPack (833-965-3722) right now to discuss your AVPro Edge needs.

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