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LED Video Processor

LED Video Processor
LED Video Processor
LED Video Processor - Extra Image 1LED Video Processor - Extra Image 2LED Video Processor - Extra Image 3
LED Video Processor
LED Video Processor
LED Video Processor

LED Video Processor

7 Input & 3 Output LED Wall Controller

Supports Scaling function

Picture in picture

Supports Fast Cutting & Fade Switching

Part # HDTVVPX703
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HDTV Supply's WolfPack LED Video Processor is a seamless handover effect Video Processor. Our LED Video Processor supports high definition digital inputs, analog HD inputs, analog SDI input and an audio input. With up to 8 - video, three audio inputs as well 3-way video and audio in the same format you can achieve all channels seamlessly switching audio and video synchronization.

LED Video Processor Audio & Video Features:

    Input Formats:
    • 2 - DVI Inputs: VESA standard to a maximum of 1920x1200@60Hz
    • 1 - HDMI Input: 480i/p, 676i/p, 720p, 1080i/p with an 8, 10, 12 bit color depth
    • 2 - VGA Inputs: VESA standard to a maximum of 1920x1200@60Hz
    • 4 - CVBS Inputs: PAL, NTSC, PAL-M/N & SECAM
    • 1 - SDI Input: Supports 3G-SDI
    • Analog audio input
    Output formats:
    • DVI Output: Any resolution up to 2304x1152@60Hz
    • VGA Output: Any resolution up to 2304x1152@60Hz
    • Various Custom Resolution Output
    • Analog audio Output: Any channel analog audio signals

    Multi channel video input: LED Video Processor with 9 channel video input, of which 4 - CVBS ,2 VGA, 2 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 3G-SDI inputs. The Video input switching can uses fast cutting & fade switching effects.

    Synchronous Multi Video & Audio: The WolfPack LED Video Processor has 8 - channel video inputs and 3 - channel audio switching. Each video can be any combination of the corresponding audio (including HDMI audio). The corresponding relation between the set of audio and video, video channel automatic memory to audio.

    Seamless Switching: Our LED Video Processor can also seamlessly switch between any channel switching with the the time adjustable from 0 to 1.5 seconds. With a fade transition effect, switch the input channel, so that the screen can be switched smoothly to the second screen. Using fast switching, switching input channels, you can instantly switch the video output.

    Full Output Resolution: The LED Video Processor  is designed for users needing large output resolutions like 2560 points, the highest of 1920 points, for a variety of dot matrix displays. Users can choose up to 20 kinds of output resolutions and they can be adjusted to point output. It has custom resolutions also.

    Pre-switching technology - pre-switching technology, is switching the input signal is switched to predict in advance whether the input channel signal. This feature reduces the line is disconnected or may be due to the case of no signal input to switch directly lead to errors, improve the success rate performances.

    Support PIP - PIP technology unaltered state in the original image, the other input of the same or different overlay images. LED Video Processor PIP function, not only can be adjusted overlay size, location, borders, etc. You can also use this feature to achieve Picture outside Picture (POP), dual-screen display.

    One key black - black screen during a performance is an essential operation, during a performance, you need to close the image output, you can use the black buttons for fast black.

    Support Freeze - During playback, you may need to freeze the current picture together to achieve "pause" screen. Freeze the screen, the operator can also change the current input selection or change lines, etc., to avoid background operation affect performance results.

    PART and FULL fast switching - LED Video Processor a simple and functional operation of the interception part of the screen and full-screen operation, any one input channel can be independently set different interception effect, and each channel is still able to seamlessly switch. Users can arbitrarily set the current channel interception of part of the screen size and position, and the other channels remain unchanged intercept method. When switching between channels most of its screen or full screen function follow.

    Preset -LED Video Processor user presets with 4 groups, each user can store all user default setup parameters, use the LOAD preset shortcut keys you can quickly recall. Can achieve rapid field parameter backup and recall function

    Equal and unequal splicing - splicing is LED Video Processor important part, which can be achieved equal splicing and unequal splicing, splicing on greatly satisfy users' needs. On multiple processors to achieve frame synchronization, 0 delay, no tail and other technologies to enable smooth performance perfect. Unequal spliced portion of the output is the same with the picture settings, the user can read the following chapters for instructions.

    30bit scaling technology - LED Video Processor using a dual-core image processing engine, a single core can process 30 image scaling technology to achieve pixel output from 64 to 2560, while achieving 10 times the image to enlarge the output, ie, the maximum screen more than 25,600.

    Brightness adjustment technology - LED Video Processor unique brightness adjustment function, reduce the brightness solved after layering lost, so that more true color reproduction.

    Saved directly technology - Saved directly technology to solve the user's settings and manually save tedious process, that users of co-ordination or adjust parameters without the implementation of artificial save operation, LED Video Processor user parameters automatically stored in EEPROM, even if the power When turned on, the parameters before power remains in the device.

    ACC &ACM image filtering - LED Video Processor using ACC and ACM image filtering engine, handling each color, nonlinear filtering effect of the lowest loss rate of the image, restore the color fidelity.

    Support the upper RS232 interface control - can use computer to connect processor to use PC software to set the output resolution, brightness, audio switch, switch signal source, etc.......



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LED Video Processor
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LED Video Processor

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