10" Color Touch Screen


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10" Color Touchscreen for WolfPack Matrices
Control the Matrix from 400' away
Connects to Matrix with CAT6 to 400 feet
POE Design
Use One or Many
Pick Standalone or Wall Mounted

HDTV Supply's WolfPack 10" Color Touch Screen allows control of our WolfPack Matrix switchers inputs and outputs from a remote location up to 400 feet away using a CAT6 cable, like behind a bar and the matrix switch is in the office some hundred feet away. It includes a preloaded MCS control system via the TCP/IP connection.

Our WolfPack Touchscreen is a display device that allows you to interact with our matrix systems using your finger or a stylus. The touchscreen enables you to interact directly with what is displayed, rather than using a mouse, touchpad, or other such devices. The touchscreens can be table-top mounted or wall-mounted, depending upon your needs. You can use many touchscreens throughout the facility by using an optional POE Ethernet switch and wire them to it and then an output to the matrix, it's that simple.

A good example of that is to see the main picture above, which shows our web GUI to control the inputs and output of the matrix. That picture also shows and has the capability to set up video walls if your matrix system supports video walls. This touchscreen does not replace all the free apps we have for tablets and phones, as it can be used in conjunction with them.

We developed this POE touch screen, not to replace the iPad or Tablets, but for different applications like:

  • One doesn't have a WIFI router in their system for wireless device control, then use this touchscreen as it's with LAN connection and POE.
  • One doesn't have to worry about the iPads or Tablets be stolen or taken away by others, as this POE touch screen is wall-mounted.
  • iPads are usually higher priced than this POE touchscreen.
  • We can have the Touchscreen pre-loaded with the Android App and set the App auto restart after a power cycle. This can be helpful to save the extra installer for installation and configuration.
  • The touch screens are Android-based systems using version Android
  • These Touch screens work with all our products.
  • This touch screen is not recommended as it can't be used as like iPads to support a lot of apps.
Please give us a call if you would like to visit discuss more on these touchscreens.

Why not buy a few 10" Color Touch Screen for your WolfPack Matrix System today?

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