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10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems

10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems
10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems
10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems - Extra Image 110-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems - Extra Image 210-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems - Extra Image 3
10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems
10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems
10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems

Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems

Design Your Own with 2x5 Grid

Create 10-Custom Keys via WEB GUI

Install One or Many, & POE Design

Connects via TCP/IP & RS232

Locate 450' Away with CAT6 or CAT7

Part # WolfPad
Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Today's Price: $225.00
POE Ethernet switch for for more than 1-Keypad:
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HDTV Supply's WolfPad is a 10-button IP enabled keypad controller aimed at providing customers simple control solutions of their presets when using a WolfPack Matrix Switcher. With built-in PoE, it can receive power from PoE enabled ethernet switch. The keypad can control devices like presentation switches through a LAN (PoE) port or an RS232 port. It also supports a system firmware update via its web UI.

Here is an example that we created for a yacht that wanted each of 4-rooms to have the capability to change the inputs to the matrix from that room. This example can be used in other applications like multiple conference rooms, training rooms, school rooms, and more. The 10-button POE IP enabled keypad controller can be located up to 450 feet away from the matrix switch and each key can be created with the proper description.


WolfPad Keypad Features:

  • WEB GUI programming
  • Ten-button
  • Supports TCP/IP and RS232
  • Supports PoE function
  • Any number can be used when used with a POE Ethernet switch
  • US or UK single panel for selection
This WolfPad 10-Button Keypad (shown) has labeling and functions (recalls 6 scenes, 1 on 1, close all, and Beep function) to work with our WolfPack family of matrix switchers. The WolfPad 10-button keypad also can be used to work with other TCP/IP and RS232 controlled equipment by simple WEB GUI based programming.

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WolfPad Keypad Specs:

  • Front panel: 10 x Buttons (silicone soft buttons)
  • Back panel: 1 x LAN (RJ45, PoE), 1 x RS232; 1 x DC 12V Power In
  • Operating Temperature: 0C to 45C (32F to 113F)
  • Storage Temperature: -20C to 70C (-4F to 158F)
  • Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing ESD Protection: Human-body Model, +-8kV (Air-gap discharge) /+- 4kV (Contact discharge)
  • Power Supply: DC 12V 0.5A (Power adapter is not included in the package)
  • Consumption (Max): 1.3W
  • Dimensions: 45mm x 105.6mm x 36mm & 1.77" x 4.16" x 1.42"
  • Product Weight: 0.18kg and 0.40lb

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Q: Does a power supply come with it?
Yes, it will come with a power adapter. We also recommend the POE switch or just a POE to the LAN adapter for the TCP/IP control.

Q: How long can the CAT6 cable be?
Since this keypad is using the TCP/IP or the RS232 control it can go up to 150m or 450ft with CAT6 or CAT7.

Q: If plugging directly into the Matrix switch is there a way I can use POE and no AC adapter?
Yes, use a POE to LAN adapter.

Q: Other than using presets what are other applications for it?
I tested controlling the BYOD-8200 presentation switcher by the Telnet, the 2x2 Video Wall (splicing/OFF/ON), the matrix switcher (Switching/preset/beep ON&OFF). I believe this keypad has very wide applications as long as the controlled devices can support the RS232/TCP/IP control with the commands.

Q: How could this be used in a conference room?
: We can use this Keypad as a control panel for the conference equipment with the RS232 or TCP/IP control, but if they are new building room, we could provide a whole package with the Matrix Switcher/ Presentation Switcher/ Camera/ Whiteboard/ Speaker/ Table socket(we are currently working on this solution, will report back to you once we have our own meeting room done)

Q: Is there any way it could be used with a 4x4 to switch inputs and outputs?
Yes for sure. We could use this keypad to control the 4x4 Switcher sources switching, presets, beep sound ON/OFF,

Q: Is there anyway could be used with a 3X3 video wall to change TVs?
Yes, can. But need to make sure the 3x3 Video Wall have the RS232 or the TCP/IP control, so we can use the keypad to have it showing as Video Wall/ independent TVs/ Screen power ON&OFF.

Q: Are the keys lit & silent?
Yes, once you press the button it will flash and we use silicone buttons and it's very silent

Q: If I mount four or five in a row, label them inputs and outputs, can I control the matrix?
For sure can, will only need to have the LAN port from the matrix switch connected to a Network Switch, then have the LAN cables connected to these 4~5 keypads, then we use the WEB GUI to program each keypad's functions.

10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems
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10-Button Keypad for WolfPack Matrix Systems

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