4X1 RCA & Optical Digital Audio Switch w/Remote Control


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Switch 4-RCA/Optical Audio inputs to 1-Output
2-Simultaneous outputs, Optical & Coax
Input is converted & sent to both outputs
Optional RS232 for only $10
192kHz Digital Audio ADAT Compatible (12.288Mb/s)

This 4X1 RCA SPIDF & Optical Digital Audio Switcher switches 4 toslink or coax digital audio sources to one output. It includes a remote control and optional RS232 input for a PC control. The unit supports 192kHz Digital Audio Compatible (12.288Mb/s) and is ADAT compatible. This means audio whatever goes in comes out unimpeded.

4X1 RCA SPIDF & Optical Digital Audio Switcher Features:

  • Two simultaneous outputs, Toslink and Coax
  • Optional RS232 Controllable
  • Accepts Toslink or Coax Inputs
  • Input is automatically converted and sent to both outputs
  • Small size, 2 x 6 x 4 in
  • All RCA connectors are gold plated
  • Toslink connectors with shutter openings
  • No Toslink Plugs
  • Remote Control. Works with the RGB4X-R.
  • SPDIF Digital Audio 4-Input to 1-Output Switcher.
  • 192kHz Digital Audio Compatible (12.288Mb/s), ADAT compatible.
  • Accepts Toslink or Coax inputs.
  • Two simultaneous outputs: Coax and Toslink.
  • Input is automatically converted and sent to both outputs.
  • Small Size, 2x6x4".
  • All Connectors are Gold Plated RCA.
  • Toslink connectors with Shutter openings. No Toslink Plugs!
  • Expand the input selection of your AV Receiver or Home Theater system.
  • Easy integration with optional Discrete IR Codes and Serial Control (RS-232)
  • Made in the USA!

TIP: All optical cables come with a protective cap on each end of the cable to prevent damage to the small optical pin. THE CAP MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE YOU USE IT AS INSERTING THE CABLE WITH THE CAP ON WILL DAMAGE THIS DEVICE AND VOID YOUR WARRANTY. TAKE THE CAP OFF!

Your audio is only as good as the switch that connects it. Why not buy this 4X1 RCA SPIDF & Optical Digital Audio Switcher today?

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