Key Digital Extenders

Key Digital Extenders

Key Digital Inc. is a leading manufacturer of audio and video distribution equipment, including HDMI extenders.

Here are some of the features of Key Digital HDMI extenders:

HDMI 2.0 Compliance: Key Digital HDMI extenders are compliant with the HDMI 2.0 specification, which means they support 4K Ultra HD resolution (up to 60Hz) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) for better color depth and contrast.

HDBaseT Technology: Key Digital HDMI extenders use HDBaseT technology to transmit HDMI signals over long distances (up to 100 meters) using standard Cat5e/6/7 cables. This ensures high-quality signal transmission with minimal latency and interference.

PoH (Power over HDBaseT): Many Key Digital HDMI extenders support PoH, which means they can provide power to the receiver unit over the same Cat5e/6/7 cable, eliminating the need for a separate power supply.

IR and RS-232 Control: Key Digital HDMI extenders support IR (Infrared) and RS-232 control, allowing users to control the source device from the remote location using a control system.

EDID Management: Key Digital HDMI extenders have built-in EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) management, which ensures optimal video performance by automatically detecting the capabilities of the connected display.

Audio Extraction: Some Key Digital HDMI extenders have audio extraction capabilities, allowing users to extract and de-embed audio from the HDMI signal for use with external speakers or audio systems.

HDMI Distribution: Key Digital HDMI extenders can also be used for HDMI distribution, allowing users to send the same HDMI signal to multiple displays at the same time.

Overall, Key Digital HDMI extenders offer high-quality, reliable, and versatile solutions for transmitting HDMI signals over long distances.

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