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Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller

Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller
Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller

Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller - Extra Image 1Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller - Extra Image 2Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller - Extra Image 3
Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller
Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller
Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller

Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller

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Master Controller Kit for Compass Control, includes Master Controller, ZigBee Wireless 2.4 Ghz & IR Universal Handheld Remote, ZigBee Wireless 2.4 Ghz to RS-232 Tx & Rx, and 1 KD-CSLX1 Compass Control Software License.

This Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller is a small footprint controller that incorporates six multi-function 3.5mm universal ports for RS-232, one relay port, Ethernet-based control and ZigBee communications. The controller also includes sensor and relay controls, indicator LEDs, and an IR learning window to facilitate the learning of IR codes.

Other features of the KD-MC1000 Master Controller include the ability to integrate with Key Digital Digital IQ and Champion Series HDMI/HDBaseT Matrix Switchers to increase port control options, and the ability to control other systems such as security, lighting and shades in residential and commercial environments.

NOTE: This product has been discontinued. See the above SIMILAR Tab for equivalent products or, if not there, call us at 800-841-9238 right now to discuss your needs.

HDTV Supply is proud to be an Authorized Reseller of Key Digital Products and only through Authorized Resellers can you get a 3-YEAR WARRANTY on all Key Digital Products along with our Free HDTV Supply Lifetime Telephone Tech Support.

Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller Features:

  • iOS Backbone: First major control system built from the ground up using Apple's iOS devices-iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod touch
  • Total 8 Ports: 6 MCP35 Multi-Function I/O Ports , 1 Relay/Contact Closure Port, 1 ZigBee Wireless Port
    • Multi-function 3.5mm Ports can be programmed to be one of the following functionality: IR in any direction, bi-directional RS-232, Voltage Level output, Voltage Sensor input, PCM Audio sensor input or Composite Video Sensor input
  • Bi-Directional ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz: Dedicated for ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz & IR Universal handheld remote (Model: KD-ZRC300) and ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz Tx & RX (Model: KD-ZRX200)
  • USB Support: USB port for firmware upgrades and initial setup
  • Built-in IR Learning: Front-facing IR window enables learning of IR codes from external IR remotes
  • LAN:Direct wire to LAN via RJ45
  • Relay Control: Control external equipment with one set of switchable contacts. Any multi-function 3.5mm port can be converted to Contact Closure using external Key Digital KD-CCXR200 Converter
  • Real Time Master Control: Allows user to store variables and events internally with/without iOS device
  • Compass Navigator: PC Editor allows fast and easy programming
  • Device Configuration: Allows all functions and integration into Compass Project via IP and Compass Navigator software
  • Complete Control: Audio, video, HVAC, lighting, shades, security, and more
  • Control Distribution: Integrates with all Key Digital Control Routing HDMI Switchers to expand the control system and add control ports
  • No need for PC or Mac in the system: All system performance is controlled by KD-MC1000 Master Controller and any iOS device
  • Compass Alliance Partners:Pre-loaded code sets
  • Reliable iOS Integration
  • IP Connectivity Stabilizer: Stable and constant TCP/IP socket created by KD-MC1000 with IP target devices via Telnet or HTTP regardless or iOS devices status
  • Event Handler: Scheduled events & actions based on iOS time and calendar variables including:
    • Schedule Mode: Schedule and execute timer events from iOS device and/or KD-MC1000
    • Schedule Sensing Mode: Execute events triggered by voltage or video/audio sensing by KD-MC1000

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Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller Specifications:

  • MCP35 Multi-Function I/O (6):3.5mm Female stereo connectors independently configured as IR (mono, Tx or Rx, configurable from +5V to +12V), RS-232 (stereo, Tx and Rx, configurable from +5V to +12V), Voltage Trigger (configurable form +3.3V to +12V), Voltage Sensor (Digital Audio or Video, from +0.1V to +3.3V)
  • Relay(1):Independently configurable to NO (active), or NC (inactive) with 12A / 250VAC resistive switching capacity
  • TCP/IP(1):Supports 10/100BaseT up to 100Mbps for communication with iOS devices via LAN, software updates, device configuration and setup
  • Accessories: External 5V3A Power Supply, USB Cable,(1)3-Pin Terminal Block for Relay,(6)3.5mm to IR Emitter,(3)3.5mm to RS-232 Data Cable, Rack Mount Ears
  • Product:6.5" x 4" x 1.13"
  • Weight:1.5 lbs
  • Packaging:8.8" x 6.2" x 3.9"
  • Weight:3 lbs
  • Regulation:CE, RoHS, WEEE
  • Enclosure: Black Metal 1/2U

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The Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller Compatible with:






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Why not buy this Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller today?

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Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller

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Key Digital KD-MC1000 Master Controller

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