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IR over a COAX Cable

IR over a COAX Cable

IR Over Coax Cable Kit Injector and Coupler

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IR Over coax cable kit

contains an IR injector and IR coupler that aids in sending communication through a coaxial cable. The work of the IR Injectors is to receive directions or commands through an IR Receiver. The coax cable helps send the information. This cable is commonly used by customers due to its affordable price compared to others. The reason as to why the IR Injector is commonly used is because it can be able to send a signal above 200ft via a coax cable.

The IR Over coax cable kit allows an IR Injector and IR coupler to work together to insert an IR signal into an existing coaxial cable. This allows source components to be controlled from a remote location without having to run additional cable.

IR over a COAX Cable Features:

  • Kit includes: IR over coax cable injector and coupler
  • Max distance: 200 feet
  • Receive Frequency Range: 34 KHz to 60 KHz
  • Transmit Frequencies: 38 KHz to 56 KHz
  • Range: 40 ft = 38 KHz, 25ft = 56KHz
  • Power: 12VDC, 30 mA max.
  • Connector Type: 1/8"(3.5mm) TRS mini plug
This kit can support four devises by the help of the IR coupler that has two IR repeaters. The two IR repeaters are the ones that contain the four ports that can be able to carry four A/V devices. The aim of the IR repeater is to allow flexibility for easy switching of devices in case devises are not detected by the position of the remote. The kit contains an IR over cable injector and a coupler which can be able to function at a maximum distance of 200feet. This kit can be convenient for your home theater.

IR repeating concepts: Most people are familiar with Infra-Red remote controls because they use them to operate their TV and other devices on a daily basis. However, so me people may not be familiar with IR repeating. IR repeating allows the user to control devices which are not with in the direct line of sight of the remote control. This is most commonly used in distributed audio/video systems where the source components are centrally located.

Basic IR Setup: A basic IR system is often used when an audio/ video signal is distributed to a remote TV location using an RF modulato r. The IR INJECTOR is loca ted near the TV, providing a connection for an IR receiver, and the IR COUPLER is located near the audio/video source, providing an IR emitter output.

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IR over a COAX Cable

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