DP, VGA & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter Over HDBaseT


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Supports up to 4K/30 HDCP 1.4
Has 1 - DP, 1-VGA & 1-HDMI Input
Auto-sense or Key Switching
Supports POC & RS232
Extends 1080p to 220' using CAT6
Extends 4K/30 to 110' using CAT6
WolfPack HDMI Extenders HDTV Supply's WolfPack™ 4K DP, VGA & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter Over HDBaseT is an HDBaseT Wallplate transmitter that supports 1 - Displayport (DP) input, 1 - HDMI input and 1 - VGA plus a 3.5mm audio input. The output is 1 - HDBaseT(RJ45) output that extends those switchable inputs to 220 feet at 1080p and 110 feet at 4K/30. The WolfPack Displayport, VGA & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter Over HDBaseT also supports switching those sources by a one-key button, bi-directional RS232 and a touch switcher. It also has an auto-sense feature. Users also can use an online control by the software on PC via RS232 with the RS232 control commands. The resolution can up to 4K@30Hz and supports a POC (Power Over Cable) function.

HDTV Supply's WolfPack™ 4K DP & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter uses the latest HDBaseT technology which featuring no compression, no losses and no latency over an HDMI signal transmission via a single UTP or STP CAT5e/6/7 cable. The DP, VGA & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter Over HDBaseT can also work with other HDBaseT equipment such as Sonys HDBaseT projector and others. Using this DP, VGA & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter Over HDBaseT with UTP cables allows you to run uncompressed 1080p high-definition HDMI signals upwards to 220 feet.

HDTV Supplys implementation of the HDBaseT technology adds virtually zero latency to the HDMI audio & video signal, less than 7 microseconds (0.000007 sec) over 220 feet of CATx cable. At 100 feet you are talking about 3 microseconds (0.000003 sec). This means for example, in a church or auditorium, the speakers lips are always in synch with the video image on all the TVs & projectors 100's of feet away.

NOTE: This DP, VGA & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter Over HDBaseT is a Transmitter (TX) only and requires an HDBaseT receiving device like our WolfPack HDBaseT Modular HDMI matrix card or displays or projectors that have an HDBaseT input and conform to the specs of the transmitter.

DP, VGA & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter Over HDBaseT Features:

    • 1 - Displayport
    • 1 - VGA plus its 3.5mm audio
    • 1 - HDMI
    • 1 - HDBaseT RJ45
  • Supports 1080p and up to 4K30
  • Supports HDCP 1.4
  • Transmission distance: 220' at 1080p & 110' at 4K30 via Cat5e/Cat6
  • Supports bi-directional RS232 transmission
  • Supports POC (Power Over Cable)
  • Supports RS232 control with software on a PC
  • Support one-key, RS232, touch switch or auto switching
  • LED working indicator
  • Dualgang width
Our DP & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter are transmitted by one single CAT5e/ CAT6/ CAT7 cable and for 1080p it can transmit to a distance of 220 feet and for 4K30Hz (4:2:0) it can go up to 110 feet. The DP & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter is compatible with all the HDTV resolutions because it supports the HDCP 1.4 protocol.

NOTE: If you have 2 devices that are always ON you'll need to use the buttons to switch inputs. An Apple TV keeps its HDMI port active even in the sleep state so auto-switching may not work with the Apple TV. Manual switching can still be used.

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DP, VGA & HDMI Wallplate Transmitter Over HDBaseT Specification:

  • Input: 1-DP, 1-HDMI, 1-VGA+3.5mm audio
  • Output: 1-HDBaseT(RJ45)
  • Control: Key button, RS232, touch switch, auto switching
  • Transmission distance: 70m at 1080P, 35m at 4K30 via Cat5e/Cat6
  • Bandwidth: 10.2Gbps
  • Power Supply: DC 24V 1.25A
  • Dimension (WxHxD): 115x140x40.2mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Operating Temperature: -10degC to 40degC
  • Storage Temperature: -25degC to 55degC

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Q: I have no image output?
Check the LED indicator status to make sure all connections are good and stable.

Q: How is HDBaseT technology different than others?
Unlike other HD distribution technologies, HDBaseT is the only technology which enables CAT5/6/7 connectivity from 70 meters to 100 meters, depending upon the specific product, for uncompressed full HD multimedia content and up to 100 watts of charging power via a single cable. HDBaseT is optimized for video applications and can connect all HDBaseT enabled home entertainment devices. Also, HDBaseT technology has the capacity to deliver double the resolution available today to future 2K and 4K formats. Other existing solutions also require a specific cable and/or a new proprietary connector while HDBaseT utilizes the existing Ethernet infrastructure.

HDMI HDbaseT Extender Helpful Tips & Recommendations:

  • Keep cables away from any equipment with an electromagnetic wave, e.g., mobile phone, microwave, radio equipment, fluorescent lamp, high voltage power lines, etc.
  • CAT5/6 cables should not exceed 220 feet or (70m).
  • Please adhere to the TIA/EIA568B standards when terminating network cables in the field.
  • Shielded CAT5/6 with metal RJ-45 connectors are recommended to safeguard against random video flashes caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI).

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