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Coax to HDMI

Coax to HDMI
Coax to HDMI

A Coax to HDMI Cannot Work!

This is a Public Service message saying a Coax to HDMI Cable, if found, cannot work

Don't buy this Coax to HDMI Cable From Anyone

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This is a customer service page to prevent you from getting ripped off by others trying to sell you a cable that will convert

coax to HDMI

as there are no coax to HDMI cables as electronic converters must be used.

If you need to convert an OTA or digital cable coax signal to a component video signal see our Coax to component HD tuners.

If you need to convert HDMI to coax see our HDMI to coax converters.

If you are wanting to connect the coax cable coming into your house and convert it to HDMI that is called a CABLE BOX you buy/rent from your local Cable Company or one of out HD TUNERS in the above SIMILAR TAB.

A Coax to HDMI cable does not exist and there is no such thing as a Coax to HDMI Cable! If someone is selling a Coax to HDMI Cable don't buy it as it doesn't work. If you have a device that has an HDMI output that you want to send via an already installed coax cable to an HDTV that has an HDMI input see our HDMI over Coax Extender set.

A Coax to HDMI doesn't exist because:

  1. HDMI is digital with pulses and a coax cable is analog with waveforms so an Coax to HDMI Cable won't work
  2. HDMI has 19 pins and coax has 1 so a Coax to HDMI Cable won't work
  3. HDMI has the HDCP copy protection signal whereas there is no coax equivalent so an Coax to HDMI Cable won't work
  4. A cable is a passive device made up of 2 connectors, solder and wires. It cannot convert one analog signal into another digital signal so a Coax to HDMI Cable won't work

Don't buy a Coax to HDMI from anyone as it doesn't work!


HDMI to Coax Adapter Set - Send HDMI thru one coax cable
HDMI to Coax Adapter Set - Send HDMI thru one coax cable

Price: $499.95Today's price: $249.95
(You Save: 50%)

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Coax to HDMI

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