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Over The Air HDTV Tuner with 1080p HDMI Out

Over The Air HDTV Tuner with 1080p HDMI Out
Over The Air HDTV Tuner with 1080p HDMI Out

Over The Air HDTV / SD TV Tuner

Both HDMI & RCA Outs

Enjoy free local HD channels with an indoor/outdoor HD antenna

1080p HD HDMI outputs

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This Over The Air Tuner w/HDMI Out supports a variety of resolutions including 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. This is a great HDTV tuner for those TV's that don't have built in HDTV tuner. This can be used with a HDTV TV to watch true HD or you can hookup your standard definition TV to watch HD Digital signals in standard definition. You can receive free digital TV over the air with the Digital TV Converter Box and record live broadcasts via USB and watch wherever you want. Plus, experience Full HD 1080p resolution.

Over The Air (OTA)HDTV/SD TV Tuner w/HDMI Out Applications:

  • Watch HDTV programs on your big screen HDTV display
  • Watch on your regular TV
  • Watch on your PC Monitor with HDMI inputs
  • Converts over-the-air digital television signals for use with older standard-definition 480i resolution TVs
  • Supports Full HD 1080p
  • 480p, 720p, 1080i & 1080p output display resolution
  • Receives free over-the-air digital TV signals
  • Full ATSC compliant
  • On-screen electronic program guide support
  • Supports closed captioning
  • 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Parental lock function
  • Auto & manual scan finds all digital broadcasts
  • Coaxial antenna signal & USB inputs
  • HDMI & RCA outputs
  • Includes remote with batteries & A/V cables
Watch HDTV programs on your big screen HDTV display. Watch ATSC digital TV on your regular TV. High performance, multi-standard video decoder (480i, 720p and 1080i). HDMI output provides the highest picture quality. Full movie quality sound through for connection to home theater system. This unit features an easy to use on-screen menu, parental control and remote control. Enjoy free local HD reception with indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna. Ideal solution for receiving terrestrial, off-air (antenna) digital TV broadcasts from the constantly increasing number of off-air digital TV broadcasters (e.g., local stations, PBS, etc.) Unlike regular converter boxes, this unit has HDMI output for true high definition television at it's best.

Why not buy this OTA HDTV/SD TV Tuner w/HDMI Out today?

Digital Converter Box is fully ATSC compliant for North America with NTIA certification ATSC terrestrial broadcast channels 2 through 69. It has HDMI and RCA outputs for multimedia play in standard and HD output. Automatic and manual scan are available for TV and radio channels.

ATSC & QAM HDTV/SD TV Tuner w/HDMI Out Specs:

  • This device does not have an NTSC tuner, only ATSC.
  • HDMI output provides the highest picture quality
  • Full Movie Quality sound though Dolby digital decoder or pass though for connection to home theater system.
  • Easy to use on screen menu
  • Parental control
  • Allows Clear QAM (64/256) Digital Cable TV Reception
  • High performance, multi-standard video decoder (480p; 720p; 1080i and 1080p)
  • Fully ATSC Compliant
  • Automatic Channel Scan
  • 1 HDMI Port
  • Antenna In / TV Out F Coaxial Cable Connector
  • Channel 3 / Channel 4 Switch
  • Support User Friendly OSD and Easy Main Menu
  • Allows Over the Air HDTV Reception w/ No Monthly Fee
  • Supports ALL Resolutions
  • Supports 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i and 1080p
  • Output: RCA and HDMI
  • Easy To Use Program Guide

ATSC HDTV/SD TV Tuner w/HDMI Out Includes:

  • Digital ATSC Set Top Converter Box
  • User Instruction Manual
  • Remote Control
  • 2 "AAA" Batteries

This tuner is not NTSC compliant. NTSC refers to the committee that created the standard called the National Television System Committee. The National Television System Committee was established in 1940 by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to resolve conflicts which arose between companies over the introduction of a nationwide analog television system in the United States. In March 1941, the NTSC approved the technical standard for black and white televisions.

The committee was reconstituted in January 1950 to create a standard for color television. In March 1953 the Nation Television System Committee approved the NTSC color television standard. The NTSC is the standard television system in the United States and is not compatible with UK or European transmission systems called PAL (Phase Alternate Line).

ATSC: In 1982, (ATSC) Advanced Television Systems Committee was created to generate a standard for digital television which is designed to replace NTSC in the United States. ATSC provides for high definition including the 16:9 wide screen format up to 1920x1080 pixels in size. Also ATSC supports theater quality sound using the Dolby Digital AC-3 format which provides 5.1 surround sound. The FCC mandates the broadcasters use ATSC instead of NTSC by early 2009.

QAM stands for quadrature amplitude modulation which is the format cable channels are encoded and transmitted via cable. Using a QAM tuner you would be able to receive unencrypted digital signals via your cable provider without needing a digital cable box. QAM tuners are the cable equivalent of the ATSC tuner. Unlike the FCC requirement that ATSC tuners are required in new television sets, QAM tuners are not required.

Integrated QAM tuners allow for reception of unscrambled digital programming sent unencrypted by cable providers, usually local broadcast stations. Since most cable providers consider digital channels as not part of their basic cable packages, most digital channels are scrambled. Which channels are scrambled varies greatly from location to location, and can change over time. In this case you need a digital cable box or CableCARD to unencrypt the signal.

You need QAM basic cable: You do need to have basic cable running in your home--and cable outlets around your house to tap into To get basic cable, you usually have to pay something. Satellite systems like Direct TV and Dish don't work with QAM. There's no ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and assorted other "premium" channels. Depending on your provider and location, you may get some bonus channels such as TBS and WGN.

OTA Antenna HD Tuner with HDMI Out
OTA Antenna HD Tuner with HDMI Out

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Stand Alone ATSC  / QAM HDTV Tuner w/HDMI out
Stand Alone ATSC / QAM HDTV Tuner w/HDMI out

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HDTV Supply has this in usually in stock so place your order at the above ADD TO CART button by 11AM PST and it can ship today or call us at 800-841-9238 to place your order. This is a general video that can be used with many of our ATSC tuners. The looks and back panel may not be the same however.

Q: Does this have an NTSC tuner built in?

1 Year Warranty HDTV Supply includes a 1 Year Limited U.S. Warranty on this HDTV Tuner with HDMI Out. The U.S. warranty states that (a) its products will perform substantially in accordance with the accompanying written materials for a period of 1 year from the date of receipt and (b) that the Tuner will be free from defects in materials & workmanship under normal use & service for a period of 1 year. In order to get a warranty replacement for a defective item, HDTV Supplys Support Team will verify the ATSC & QAM HDTV Tuner is eligible for warranty. An RMA number will then be issued. Shipped replacements will be in like new conditions, tested and all components included. A 30-day RETURN also comes with this warranty.

HDTV Supply also sells a 3 and 5 Year Extended U.S. Warranty for this Tuner with HDMI Out. Please go to Extended Warranties or see the above Options to purchase it.

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Over The Air HDTV Tuner with 1080p HDMI Out

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