RF Modulator


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RF Modulator

RF modulator

will converter RCA audio/video or S-Video to F-Pin cable coax. This is great for older TVs that do not have an a S-Video or RCA inputs, but only have the cable-TV style connector. Automatically switches between DVD & video source (Sat/Cable/Antenna). A must if you're using an older TV with a single RF input!

Watch a DVD in any room of your house from a single DVD player. Install a camera at your front door and use your TV to see who is outside. Our Audio/Video Modulator makes all of this possible. Stereo audio sums audio to mono for the modulated signal.

Simply connect the audio/video from your DVD, VCR, camera or other source to the input of the modulator. Connect the modulator to your SATV/CATV cable system and set the modulator to an unused television channel. Tune any television in the house to the specified modulator channel to view your source. Feed the audio signal from your stereo TV or VCR to a Pro-Logic receiver for the best sound from your source.

RF Modulator Features:

  • Digital PLL tuning eliminates channel drift
  • User selectable channels: 3 or 4
  • Inputs: Gold plated RCA type composite video and mono RCA audio
  • Output: Gold plated 75Ohm F-type

RF Modulator Specifications:

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.94lbs

RF Modulator Package Contents:

  • A/V Modulator, Power supply

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