RF Hum Eliminator for HDTV Systems - Stop hum in speakers & video

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This RF hum eliminator will stop the 60 Hz hum in your speakers and the rolling bar on your TV
The purpose of it is to reduce 60 Hz hum in analog signals
This cable TV hum eliminator will eliminate the 60 Hz hum that is ruining your HDTV picture and causing hum in your speakers.


  • HDTV Signal: 1080p minimum
  • 125+ Channel Ready
  • Surge Suppression
  • Hum eliminator improves audio and video quality by reducing the hum producing 60 Hz ground currents from you house system
  • 2 MHz to 1300 MHz bandwidth spans VHF/FM/UHF/CATV spectrum
  • Low VSWR helps prevent digital cable channel degradation and prevents signal degradation.
  • "F" connectors in and out, (digital cable compatible).
  • Digital and cable modem compatible
  • Low Insertion Loss for high S/N ratio
  • Bidirectional so it won't bother PPV, analog and digital cable TV and cable modems uploads
  • Operating frequency: 1 GHz.
  • Weight: 0.1 lbs
All electronics devices, cables, antennas, etc. have the capability to pick up 60-HZ hum that can impact your (HD)TV picture and sound. HDTV cable receivers are the worst of the bunch due to the wiring to your house can be 100's of miles in length with kinks in the cables, bad amplifiers in the line, birds sitting on the wire, and on and one. Other hum can leak into your home theater from dimmers switches, dishwashers, hair dryers, microwave ovens and similar products on the same AC line with your home theater products.

NOTE: This HDTV Hum Eliminator is for cable TV systems and should not be used for satellite systems as that signal has voltages / frequency's in it that this device may not pass.

There is only one inexpensive way to prevent or cure the harmful hum impacting your picture and that is to install our HDTV Hum Eliminator on the incoming RF cable that stops the parasite 60-HZ hum from entering your system. The hum eliminator benefit to your home theater is the the picture won't have wavy lines in it or haze will not be passed through to your (HD)TV. It is especially good for plasma, DLP and LCD HDTV's.

Our HDTV Hum Eliminator helps reduce 60Hz hum introduced into your home entertainment system through your cable connection. This is a common problem when hooking up a powered subwoofer to your home theater system. This Hum Eliminator is completely passive and will not affect your cable TV signal strength. The hum eliminator provides isolation to break ground loops in cable systems. It is only is 1.5" long and connects in-line between your TV and the cable line with a simple male to female "F" connector installation. Its operating frequency is 100 MHz to 1 GHz that supports your HDTV cable receiver.

This hum eliminator is completely passive and will not affect your HDTV cable signal strength. The hum eliminator provides isolation to break ground loops in cable systems. Only 1.5" long and it connects in-line between your TV and the HDTV cable line. Almost all AC hum (60Hz in the U.S.) is caused by ground loops. Rather than filtering, this hum eliminator prevents ground loops from forming in the first place. Just plug the Hum Eliminator into the signal lines between offending pieces of equipment and you're done. Quick and easy. No buzz. No signal degradation. No filtering. No noise gates. No dangerous ground lifts. No hum! You usually have to pay over $100 for these HDTV hum eliminators but our hum eliminator price is less than half that.

We also recommend you replace the RF cables from your wall with our 24 KT HDTV RF cables as they should help also in eliminating the hum and get you a better picture. They are shown below.

Buy this cable TV hum eliminator today and get a better high definition picture and stop the hum coming from your speakers.


Question: My hum is gone, but now I'm no longer able to get certain channels. What's wrong? This can occur occasionally. We have been investigating this problem for a while now, and have discovered it is due to one of two reasons:

A. In most of these cases, the connectors of the device have been damaged enough from a bad coax end to cause a poor connection. The fix is to make sure your coax cables end is clean before you install the hum reducer.

B. The other reason this occurs is due to reflections of the video signal occurring at points along the feed between the cable company and your home. Video reflections can be caused by improper tuning of the cable company's repeater amplifiers, illegal wire taps into the cable system (such as in apartment buildings), or unused video outlets in your home.

Unused outlets must have a 75-Ohm terminator attached to the F-connector to prevent reflections. Go to an electronics store (i.e.: Radio Shack), purchase these terminator(s), and install them on all unused video outlets first as a possible fix. If you still have missing channels, try moving hum reducer to the other end of the coax cable run in the room it is in. We have found that changing the lengths of the cables that are before and after the hum reducer is enough to eliminate the reflections that are causing the dropped channels.

NOTE: This hum eliminator is for cable TV systems and should not be used for satellite systems as that signal has voltages / frequency's in it that this device may not pass.