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Hum, AC & Video Line Noise Suppressor - Stop hum & video sparkles

Eliminate harmful EMI from ruining your high definition picture with these hum reducers.

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Hum, AC & Video Line Noise Suppressor for HDTV cables - All electronics devices, cables, antennas, etc. have the capability to pick up Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) that can impact your (HD)TV picture and sound. HDTV cable receivers are the worst of the bunch due to the wiring to your house can be 100's of miles in length with kinks in the cables, bad amplifiers in the line, birds sitting on the wire, and on and one.

Other EMI can leak into your home theater from dimmers switches, dishwashers, hair dryers, microwave ovens and similar products on the same AC line with your home theater products.

If you're using DVI or HDMI cables between your products they are especially helpful there due to the extremely fast 37-MHz signals in the wire.

There is only one inexpensive way to prevent or cure the harmful EMI impacting your picture and that is to install our ferrite coil on the AC cord, and/or your video cables, that shunts the parasite EMI away from your system. The benefit to your home theater is the the picture won't have wavy lines in it or haze will not be passed through to your (HD)TV. They are especially good for plasma's and LCD's.

If you're looking for the best HDTV picture you can get buy these hum eliminators and put them around all of your AC power cords of your HDTV, DVD, satellite receivers and TiVo and rest assured parasite EMI is being prevented leaking into your home theater system.

Why not buy 6 today and have the assurance that your HDTV picture is not being impacted by harmful stray RF fields?

NOTE: The shape of these AC & Video Line Noise Suppressors may be round or square.

These plastic enclosed ferrite cores are for 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" AC power cords as well as any cable you want to protect. The hum eliminators are super easy to install by simply snapping them around the cord. They help to reduce EMI. The cable core filter will provide common-mode filtering for multi-strand cables and differential mode filtering for single conductors assuring you of the best picture you can get.

Hum, AC & Video Line Noise Suppressor - Stop hum & video sparkles

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Hum, AC & Video Line Noise Suppressor - Stop hum & video sparkles

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