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Coax Switcher

Coax Switcher
Coax Switcher

Coax Switcher - Extra Image 1Coax Switcher - Extra Image 2Coax Switcher - Extra Image 3
Coax Switcher
Coax Switcher
Coax Switcher

Coax Switcher

4-Coax Inputs to 3-Displays

One Composite Input Also

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For TV1, TV2 or TV3 the signal from the DVD player will be sent to the TV by way of the internal modulator. If the LED indicator on the front of the QS53E shows "CH 3" then you simply select DVD/GAME for that TV location and tune the TV to channel "3" and you will

now be watching the DVD/GAME source on that TV location.

DC 12V ** OPTIONAL REMOTE CONTROL CAPABILITY (IR components sold separately)

The QS53E model is equipped with a video modulator that allows you to hook up one composite video cable (Yellow, Red, White), to the back of the unit and play it through any of the attached

TV locations on ch3 or ch4, depending on which LED is lit on the front of the unit in the section marked "MODULATOR". This allows you to hook up a DVD player, game system or any source with composite video (Yellow, Red, White) connections. Here is an example of use of the modula- DC 12V tor with a DVD player. Optional IR EYE Coax Cable QS53E (1) To TV's Optional Remote TV1 (3)


RX & TX IR Ports Using Remote & IR TX/RX Kit

Connect an IR BULLET (2) (not included in the package) for IR signal transmis- sion. Place the IR EYE (1) in direct line-of-sight of the equipment to be controlled. Take the composite video cable from the back of the DVD player and run to the "Video Input" on the back of the QS53E unit. Then run a composite video cable from the back of the QS53E unit Connect to the IR RX port on the QS53E, with IR EYE (1) cable (not included in the from the "Video Output" to the "Video Input" on the back of the TV. Now you have created a loop package) for IR signal reception. Make sure that the remote being used is in direct that will take the video signal from the device hooked up to the QS53E "Video Input" and feed it to line-of-sight of the IR receiver. Now you can control the source device with the source a receiver for audio or to the TV directly. remote through the IR BULLET (2).

Coax Switcher

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Coax Switcher

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