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This A to D Converter turns incoming analog signals to digital audio data stream, Digital Optical or Digital Coax.
This A-to-D converter can be used as a device for a variety of applications such as 5.1 DVD presenting, Mini Disc recording, and many others. It will also convert a Composite (Yellow RCA) input into an S-Video output.

Use it to connect analog devices to digital inputs with the Digital converter. Now you can hook up legacy audio equipment outputs such as CD players, Cassette/tape players or radio tuners to coaxial or optical digital inputs such as Mini disc recorders, digital receivers/decoders.

Also, its unique passive design converts composite video to S-Video or vice versa without degrading vide quality

A-to-D converter Technical Features and Specifications:

  • RCA-type A/V Jacks: connect audio cable with RCA-type audio plugs to convert analog signal to optical signal or PCM signal
  • Optical Jack: connect digital optical cable to provide interference-free and distrotion-free signal transmission
  • S-video Jack: improve the picture sharpness(resolution)and color artifacts to transmits the best picture of your video
  • SYNC REC OFF/ON offer synchronous recording option from CD/tape to MD, to keep the overdubbed parts in synchronization with the recorded tracks
  • Power Supply:DC 9V, 250mA Analog input level:-10 dBm
  • Synchronous Recording Activation: 1 Second Interval
  • Video Insertion Loss: 2.0 dB Max
  • Dimensions: 28 X 105 X 109mm
  • Weight: 1.08 lb

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