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1X4 Component Video Splitter - AC Coupled w/Big Output Amps

1X4 Component Video Splitter - AC Coupled w/Big Output Amps
1X4 Component Video Splitter - AC Coupled w/Big Output Amps

1X4 Component Video Splitter - AC Coupled

Each output has High-Current Drivers

Can Drive 300' RG6 Cables

Lifetime warranty & Tech Support

Part # IN-HDDA-1
Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Today's Price: $109.95
Extend 1 yr warranty to 3 yrs @ $18:
Companion CAT5 balun set:
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This 1X4 component video splitter splits a component video signal & sends it to four outputs. It does not support audio. If you need both video and audio this 1X4 Video Audio Splitter is a superb unit and we sell many.

1X4 Component Video Splitter Features:

  • Splits the output of any DVD or HDTV Set Top Receiver.
  • AC coupled
  • Each output has its own High-Current Cable Driver.
  • Drives very long cables i.e. 300 feet very easily. No interaction with other outputs.
  • Will accept any analog input, Composite Video, Y-Pb-Pr or RGB at any scan rate and give you 4 identical 1080p High Bandwidth (200MHz) outputs.
  • All Connectors are Gold Plated RCA.
  • Can be used as three separate 1x4 DA's or loop the outputs back in and create a 1x10 DA.
  • Use as SPDIF/AES-EBU (Digital Audio) DA to split PCM, DTS or AC3 Digital Audio.
  • Power Supply (12VDC) Included.
  • Perfect as a Broadcast Utility DA at a fraction of the cost.
NOTE: This splitter either splits to (a) 4 - component video signals with no audio, (b) 4 - composite video signals with right and left analog audio or (c) 4 - RCA digital audio signals. The above cannot be combined as there is only 3 (Red-Green-Blue) RCA inputs and 4X3 = 12 RCA outputs.

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This 1080p rated 1X4 component video splitter popular uses:

  • Splitting "component high definition video" (Y-Pb-Pr) to multiple displays or storage devices, or
  • Splitting "digital audio" (SPDIF/AES-EBU) to multiple receivers, or
  • Splitting "composite video" (RCA) to multiple displays, or
  • Driving long coax cables for HDTV display in multiple rooms without signal degradation

This 1X4 component video splitter can split the video outputs (w/o audio) of the following and send it up to 4 HDTV's:

  1. High definition Dish Network and DirecTV receivers with component outputs
  2. High definition TiVo's with component outputs
  3. High definition cable receivers with component outputs
  4. WII, Sony PS2, PS3, HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players with component outputs
  5. Any Xbox with component outputs
  6. Any DVD player with component outputs
  7. PC video cards with component (only Y-Pb-Pr, see your video card manual) outputs if going to HDTV's
  8. A/V surround sound receivers / preamps with component switching
  9. PC video cards with component outputs
  10. and other similar devices with component outputs.



Q: Does this 1:4 component splitter splitter block DC?
This 1X4 Component Video Splitter has AC-Coupling (DC Blocking).

Q: Why No Looping Inputs. A: Looping inputs are ones that bridge off an unterminated input and send it to another input. This lets you daisy chain the inputs and terminate only at the last input. This works fine for Low Frequency video like NTSC (composite) at 5MHz, but not for High Frequency HDTV where frequencies can reach over 37 MHz. The input must be terminated to prevent reflections on the cable and maintain bandwidth.

Q: Can I split Analog Audio with this DA. A: Yes, but the level (Volume) can drop from 2dB to 30dB due to the low input impedance (75 ohms). Some audio equipment with low enough output impedance can feed this DA with acceptable results, but most will have a high impedance that will cause unacceptable signal loss.

Q: Can I split Digital Audio (SPDIF). A: Yes. SPDIF is just AES/EBU digital audio that is designed to run over Coax cable just like video.

Q: How long can my video cable be? A: The amplifiers on the outputs can drive good video cables more then 100 meters (328ft). The best advice is to keep the cables to the input at a reasonable length, less then 5 meters (16ft) and then connect as required on the output. Q: What bandwidth is required for HDTV? A: Most HDTV has a bandwidth of 37MHz. You want all your switching and distribution points to be able to handle at least double that frequency. The key to remember is the 3dB spec. This represents the frequency at which the original signal is at 70%, or a 30% loss

This HDTV Supply 1X4 Component Video Splitter is designed and built to the higher standards for your home theater or business use. To demonstrate that HDTV Supply products offers world-class quality HDTV Supply offers the original purchaser a full lifetime hardware warranty on this HDTV Supply 1X4 Component Video Splitter . This means that as long as a customer owns this 1X4 Component Video Splitter and can show original proof of purchase, HDTV Supply, or its supplier, will replace it if it malfunctions. A 30-day RETURN also comes with this warranty as well as Free Lifetime Tech Support.

In order to get a warranty replacement for a defective 1X4 Component Video Splitter, HDTV Supplys Support Team will verify the product is eligible for warranty. An RMA number will then be issued. Shipped replacements will be in like new conditions, tested and all components included.

1X4 Component Video Splitter - AC Coupled w/Big Output Amps
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  • Group: Group B_SDVOSB
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  • Group: Group C
  • NAICS: 541519
The SEWP Program Office manages a suite of government-wide IT products and services contracts that enable NASA and all Federal Agencies to achieve their missions and strategic initiatives by providing streamlined access to critical technologies and solutions. The Program provides best value for the Federal Government and American taxpayer through innovative procurement processes, premier customer service and outreach, acquisition insight, and partnership with Government entities and Industry.

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1X4 Component Video Splitter - AC Coupled w/Big Output Amps

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