Analog/Digital Bi-directional Audo Converter

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Analog/Digital Bi-directional Audo Converter
Analog/Digital Bi-directional Audo Converter

Specifications: The Bi-directional Digital/Analog Audio Converter allows users to convert digital optical/coaxial and analog audio signals. The device can convert between analog and digital formats and vice versa and can output simultaneously to all outputs (depending on the audio format) allowing it to act as an audio distributor.

  • Support digital audio and analog audio bi-directional conversion.
  • Support digital coax and optical audio bi-directional conversion.
  • Select the conversion mode by slide switch.
  • Analog to digital audio support up to 48 KHz.
  • Digital to audio support to 96 KHz.
  • LED indicates the audio lock and the current mode.
  • Built in automatic digital audio input selection.