Digital to Analog Audio Converter w/Coax Digital Loopout

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Digital to analog audio converter
Includes a unique coax digital loopout feature allowing you to connect to another digital coax input device
Optical and stereo cables included
This Digital to analog audio converter with digital loopout, by HDTV Supply, is used to convert digital audio to analog audio. Used with applications such as older televisions or other electronic devices that do not have digital audio inputs.

Digital to analog audio converter with digital loopout Features:

  • Digital audio (PCM) to analog audio converter with loopout function
  • Converts digital coaxial or digital optical audio signals to analog L/R audio
  • The converter is a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), allowing for audio signal conversion with no degradation, and supporting variable sampling rates for maximum fidelity
  • One input: digital coaxial or digital optical audio with the digital coaxial as the priority
  • One output: analog L/R audio
  • LED indicator to display no signal or signal format error
NOTE: This device supports an input format of LPCM or 2CH (check your TV manual for the optical output specs) so if the optical output of your device is Dolby Digital you will need this Dolby Digital Audio to Stereo Converter. Check your TV manual to see what it outputs or call the mfr. Verify you can turn off Dolby Digital in the source you will be connecting to this converter. This Digital Audio to Stereo Audio Converter cannot be used in reverse.

Installation: Take your digital audio device (such as a DVD Player) and plug in your digital audio connection into the converter box. The other end of this converter box will have an analog output that goes into your television or any analog input device. This converter also features the option for a digital loopout. This option would allow you to connect to another analog input device. An example would be to connect a home theater system or extra speakers to go along with your television.

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NOTE: This Digital to analog audio converter with digital loopout does not support Dolby, DTS, or other surround sound signals. Therefore, it is important that the digital audio output of your device defaults to or can be set to PCM/LPCM output. Otherwise the sound will be static.

Digital to analog audio converter with digital loopout Specs:

  • Converter type: D to A converter
  • Digital input type: coaxial and optical
  • Supports digital audio format: LPCM
  • Input impedance: 75Ohms
  • Minimum load impedance: 10K ohms
  • Loopout function: available
  • Frequency response: 44.1 to 192KHz sample rate
  • DC input connector: 5.5 x 2.1 x 9.5mm
  • DC input voltage/polarity: 12V/center positive
As the other TABS of this product page says this Optical to R/L Stereo Audio Converter does NOT convert a DOLBY DIGITAL optical audio output from your device, like a TV. Here are 7 ways how to find out if the digital output of your device has a Dolby Digital output or not:
  1. Read you manual under outputs or optical out, etc.
  2. Call the manufacturer of the device, like the TV manufacturer
  3. Google an appropriate term
  4. Take the units remote control and go to MENU and try to find a section named audio to see if you see Dolby Digital or similar
  5. Call or go the company you bought the TV from and have them help you
  6. If you find that your device does output DOLBY DIGITAL you will need to buy this "Dolby Digital" Optical to Stereo Converter
  7. Also, if you are coming out of a TV, check your TV manual on which "inputs" are converted to the optical "output". Some may use only the HDMI input.
Verify you can turn off Dolby Digital in the source you will be connecting to this converter.

This Optical to Stereo Converter works with:

  1. Any high definition Dish Network and DirecTV receiver with digital outputs
  2. High definition TiVo's with digital outputs
  3. Any high definition cable receiver with digital outputs
  4. Canadian Rogers, Shaw, Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice receivers with digital outputs
  5. Any "Over The Air" (OTA) high definition receiver with digital outputs
  6. Sony PS3, HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players with digital outputs
  7. Many TV's with non-DOLBY DIGITAL digital outputs
  8. Any upconverting DVD player with digital outputs
  9. Any DVHS VCR with digital outputs
  10. An APPLE TV with digital outputs
  11. Any PC video card with digital outputs
Q:. Will this device convert Dolby Digital to RCA stereo?

A: NO it will not convert Dolby Digital but on alot of products you can change the source device settings. The most common problem we have seen is a change in settings on your device your trying to convert to right and left stereo. Verify you can turn off Dolby Digital in the source you will be connecting to this converter.

As advertised this device converts LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation), which is a method of encoding audio information digitally. Sometimes we have seen that customer have their systems set to Dolby Digital. This setting must be changed on the device your are trying to convert. Most DVD players and other devices support LPCM and other settings. You need to get into the menu of the source device and adjust Dolby Digital to LPCM or other by using your remote control.