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Male S-Video to Female Composite Video Adapter

Male S-Video to Female Composite Video Adapter
Male S-Video to Female Composite Video Adapter

Male S-Video to Female Composite Video Converter

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This is a high quality Male S-Video to Female Composite Video Converter that plugs directly into your equipment without the need for additional cabling. A miniaturized passive converter filtering circuit is built inside the slim contoured body. The design is small enough that it easily fits directly into crowded panel mounted S-Video and RCA jacks found on the back of your equipment and is perfect for solving video connection problems when not all components have composite and S-Video inputs or outputs.

Its unique low signal loss circuitry allows two-way conversion from composite to S-video.

Male S-Video to Female Composite Adapter Features:

  • Bi-directional design, Female RCA to Male S-video or Male S-video to Female RCA
  • Unique low signal loss miniature filtering circuitry
  • Slim contoured body
This S-Video to Composite Video Converter can be used to convert Y/C video (S-video) to composite video. This adapter is useful in cases where your video output device has only an S-video output but your signal source accepts only composite video input. This circuit works with both PAL and NTSC video standards.

Y-ground------------------+ +---------- RCA/composite ground C-ground------------------+

Y-------------------------+ +---------- RCA/composite video C------------||-----------+ capacitor

This circuit works in practice quite well even though the circuit operation is not ideal. This means that impedances and signal levels are not matched exactly right, but near enough to work acceptably. The picture quality you get from this circuit is OK but not as good as with best possible composite video output circuitry.

If you try to connect the circuit in opposite way so that you have a composite video signal which you want to feed to S-video input then you might wonder would this circuit work also in that way.

The answer is that the circuit sort of work also in this way. If you connect a composite video source to a S-video input of your TV using this circuit, you will get a full color picture on your TV screen. The downside of this is that the picture quality will be worse than if you were using the real composite video input of your TV. The reason for this is that after the circuit the color information is still in the brightness signal, you see some interference on the screen caused by color subcarrier which gets to the screen. This all means that you can use this circuit as last change in situations where you don't have a composite video input. The picture quality is degraded, but probably still usable for some not so demanding applications.

This S-Video to Composite Video Converter plugs into the 4-pin or 7-pin "s-video out" jack of your laptop/notebook/desktop/source and into the yellow video-in jack ("RCA" type jack) of your TV or other input.

Note: While this product will convert the composite RCA signal to be viewed on an S-Video input, the signal will only be as good as the original composite signal, or vice versa.







Male S-Video to Female Composite Video Adapter
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Male S-Video to Female Composite Video Adapter

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