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4K WolfPack HDMI Active AV Optical Cables to 150 Feet

4K WolfPack HDMI Active AV Optical Cables to 150 Feet
4K WolfPack HDMI Active AV Optical Cables to 150 Feet

4K WolfPack HDMI Active AV Optical Cables to 150 Feet - Extra Image 14K WolfPack HDMI Active AV Optical Cables to 150 Feet - Extra Image 2
4K WolfPack HDMI Active AV Optical Cables to 150 Feet
4K WolfPack HDMI Active AV Optical Cables to 150 Feet

Long HDMI Active Video & Audio Optical Cables

AOC Technology

No AC needed - Source powered

Small ~1/8 diameter & immune to EMI & RFI interference

HDCP 2.2 rated

MR240, UHD, SHUD, ARC, HDR, HDMI 2.0b and HDCP 2.2 Compliant

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WolfPack HDMI Cables HDTV Supplys WolfPack HDMI AOC product is HDMI active optical cable (AOC) with high performance, low power consumption and low cost. Using optical fiber to replace copper wire as the high-speed signal transmission medium, HDMI AOC can perfectly transmit 4K@60HZ UHD images.

Compared with the traditional copper wire, HDMI AOC is much longer, softer, more slim, with better signal quality and perfect EMI/EMC feature.Compared with other HDMI optical fiber transmission solution, HDMI AOC is easy to use, has perfect compatibility, and no external power supply needed.

Unique WolfPack Hybrid fiber & copper solution:

  1. Uses fiber for transmitting of the high speed clock and data channel which assures the received signal to be the same.
  2. Uses copper wire transmission of the DDC and other signals which achieves perfect Compatibility with all HDMI devices.
These Long HDMI Active Video & Audio Optical Cable extends an HDMI signal up to 66 feet & offers all the benefits of HDMI 1.4 High Speed functionality but without the high cost of glass fiber active active cables. The cables diameter (1/4") is much smaller than copper & more flexible which makes it easier to install in tight spaces.

WolfPack HDMI Active Optical Cables Feature:

  • Video Resolution - 4K@60Hz 4:2:0 UHD, 4K @30Hz 4:4:4 8Bit, full HD, 3D Deep Color across all lengths.
  • High Data Transfer Rate - Up to 14Gbps.
  • Embedded Audio - PCM 8−channel, Dolby Digital True HD, DTS−HD Master Audio.
  • HDCP Support - HDCP2.2/CEC/EDID.
  • No External Power - HDMI +5V, consumes only 0.25W. Much longer transmission distance than copper wire.
  • Same applying way as coppe,no external power needed.
  • Support 4k@60HZ UHD display.
  • Strong and bending insensitive.
  • Thinner, softer and lighter than copper wire, and highly resistant with EMI and RFI.
  • Interface:HDMI Type A plug-Type A plug One end connect source another display
  • Cable Diameter:3.0x5.0mm
  • Bend Radius:20mm
  • Operating and Storage Temp:-40-70˚C
  • Highly resistant with EMI and RFI
  • Very small cable dimensions: 0.16 inch X 0.1 inch
  • Very light weight: only 0.75 pounds
  • HDCP 2.2 rated
  • Resistant to EMI/RFI
  • High Speed HDMI
  • USB powered - 5V DC required at the receiver end
  • Minimum bend radius: 3mm
  • Connector pull strength: 10kg
  • 3 year warranty
Constructed from fiber strands, this cable reduces the risk of EMI/RFI so performance is stable when used in typically high interference environments such as data centers, surgical theaters or manufacturing facilities where high resolution and consistent display are critical. These HDMI Active Optical Cables meet most HDMI 1.4 specifications (less Ethernet) with support for:
  • Full HD support: 1080p and 4Kx2K for future products
  • 4K Ultra High Definition (4x more pixels than 1080p)
  • sRGB
  • YCbCr
  • 8 channel LPCM, 192 kHz, 24 bit audio capability
  • Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD video and audio at full resolution
  • Consumer Electronic Control (CEC)
  • DVD-Audio support
  • Super Audio CD (DSD) support
  • Deep Color
  • xvYCC Color
  • Auto lip-sync
  • 7.1 Lossless PCM Audio
  • Dolby TrueHD bitstream capable
  • DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream capable
  • Updated list of CEC commands
  • 2D and 3D Over HDMI
These WolfPack HDMI Active Optical Cables carries all high-speed signals on optical fibers and is much smaller and lighter than comparable copper HDMI cables or extenders. At the same time, our proprietary plastic optical fiber technology costs a fraction of competing optical solutions. Our HDMI Active Optical Cables are the first product to bring the benefits of optical communications to a low-cost HDMI link.

Why not buy a WolfPack HDMI Active Optical Cable today?

These long HDMI Active Optical Cables use both high-speed plastic optical fiber and copper wires to deliver 10.2 Gb/sec video bandwidth as well as many of HDMI 1.4 HDMI features including 1080p resolution, 3D, Deep Color, x.v color (xvYCC), Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, HDMI-CEC, and HDCP.

Long HDMI Active Optical Cable Specs:

  • Interface : HDMI Type A/A pluggable
  • Cable diameter : 3.0*5.0mm
  • Bend Radius - 20mm.
  • Permissible tensile force:Long-term 100N/Short-term 200N
  • Allow the Compressed stress:Long-term 200N/mm/Short-term 500N/mm
  • Operating and Storage Temp:-40℃-70℃
  • Video Connectors: Male HDMI
  • Power Connector: USB Type A
  • HDMI Cable Type: High Speed HDMI
  • Weight: 0.75 pounds
  • Total Power Consumption: 1.8 W
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 4 mm
  • Crushing load rating : 100 kg (over 10 cm length)
  • Maximum Tensile Load: 100 N (10 kg)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 050
  • Max. Operating Humidity: 95%
  • Storage Temperature Range: -30 +50

Why not buy a WolfPack HDMI Active Optical Cable today?

This long HDMI Active Optical Cable is designed with both commercial installation and videophile consumer use in mind, it闁瑰墎妫積rfect for distributing A/V in conference room or classroom settings, yet affordable enough for consumers to use in home theaters. The HDMI Active Optical Cable uses optical fiber communications and shielded end casings to provide immunity to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference, so it can be reliably used in challenging environments such as hospitals, factories, and data centers.

In a home theater installation, this optical cable reliably provides error-free transmission in even the most densely packed systems.

This HDMI Active Optical Cable works with the following devices but they require power at the display or sink device:

  1. Any high definition Dish Network and DirecTV receiver with HDMI outputs
  2. High definition TiVo's with HDMI outputs
  3. Any high definition cable receiver with HDMI outputs
  4. Canadian Rogers, Shaw, Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice receivers with HDMI out, or DVI out with a converter
  5. Any "Over The Air" (OTA) high definition receiver with HDMI outputs
  6. Sony PS3, HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players
  7. Any Xbox360 with HDMI outputs
  8. Any upconverting DVD player with HDMI outputs
  9. Any DVHS VCR with HDMI outputs
  10. All APPLE-TV's with HDMI outputs
  11. A Boxee with HDMI ouputs
  12. A VuDu with HDMI outputs
  13. A Hulu with HDMI outputs
  14. A Roku with HDMI outputs
  15. Many PC video cards with HDMI outputs
  16. Any high definition camcorder with an optional type C to standard HDMI cable
  17. Many A/V surround sound receivers with HDMI switching that include the proper chip set and output amp. Call your AV receiver supplier to discuss your application or us.
  18. Any HDCP compliant HDTV, monitor and projector. If the source is HDCP compliant and your TV is not, you will not get a picture. Please check your TV manual or the manufacturers web site.
  19. and other similar devices.

Why not buy a WolfPack HDMI Active Optical Cable today?

HDTV Supply is a leader in supplying 3D equipment for this new, fast growing 3DTV market. Our test lab includes the latest equipment for designing, testing and supporting 3D video equipment. The chips sets we use support the below 3D formats and work with many of our HDMI 1.3 and HDMI 1.4 compliant devices. This device supports these 3D formats:
  • Side-by-Side 3D Format
  • Top-and-Bottom 3D Format
  • Blu-ray 3D Format
  • Frame packing
  • and more
For explanation pictures see 3D FORMATS.

We not only test this HDMI Active Optical Cable with lab equipment we also test many of our 3D devices with 3D products you are likely to use. The products used for the test are:
  • Sony PS3 with the 3D 3.41 firmware
  • Samsung model PN50C7000YF 3DTV
  • Samsung model BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray player FORCED to 1080p
  • Samsung model SSG-P2100T 3D glasses
  • DirecTV models HR21-100 and the HR24 high definition receiver.
  • HDTV Supply's true HDMI 1.4 cables
  • It works with all HDMI devices including the new 3D units.
The 3D viewing results were awesome in our lab and did not have any picture or audio degradation. The normal and standard (2D) results equally exhibited a superb picture quality.

Why not buy a WolfPack HDMI Active Optical Cable today?

3 Year Warranty HDTV Supply includes a 3 Year Limited Warranty on this HDMI Active Optical Cable. The warranty states that (a) its products the will perform substantially in accordance with the accompanying written materials for a period of 3 years from the date of receipt and (b) that the HDMI Active Optical Cable will be free from defects in materials & workmanship under normal use & service for a period of 3 years. In order to get a warranty replacement for a defective item, HDTV Supplys Support Team will verify the product is eligible for warranty. An RMA number will then be issued. Shipped replacements will be in like new conditions, tested and all components included.

Why not buy a WolfPack HDMI Active Optical Cable today?

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4K WolfPack HDMI Active AV Optical Cables to 150 Feet

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