Turn up to 36-TVs OFF & ON w/One Button Standalone Controller


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Turn All TVs OFF & ON Controller
Use Button(s) On Your iPad
No Remote Control is Needed
Only used with WolfPack Matrices
Uses the IR in our CAT6 Extenders
Works with up to 160-TVs & All Brands

This Standalone WolfPack TV OFF & ON Controller will allow you to turn dozen of TVs OFF & ON with only one click of a button on a Tablet, like an iPad. No handheld remote control is required. This will control unique TVs (all TVs do not need to be same make / model) and you don't even need to see the TVs go OFF & ON.

You now do not have to walk around your sports bar, bowling alley casino and other large fixed facilities that have dozens of TVs using multiple remote controls to turn off and on the TVs. You now can do it with one tablet button.

The Standalone Controller consists of:

  • myServer 6 controller processor
  • Sports Bar Tablet UI template
  • 1 Floorplan of sports bar (assumes CAD file is provided)
  • TV Guide on the Tablet including 2 years of data (subscription required for renewals)
  • Rackmount network switch
  • Multi-port IP2IR hardware to control the IR cable TV boxes
  • Configuration labor to customize the system for HDTVSupply matrix, compatible IP TVs & IR controlled cable boxes.
  • Shipping

This WolfPack Turn All TVs OFF & ON w/One Button Controller and its (non floorplan) Tablet template selects which TV to turn ON & OFF as well as it has a master Power On / Power Off button to turn them all OFF & ON.

This is been created for HDTV Supply Wolfpack Modular Matrix switchers that have HDBaseT HDMI extenders over CAT6 cards and HDBaseT Receivers.

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Wires this way: The myServer controller connects to the IP2IR module (included). A minijack (included) connects that to the first of the IR modules (there is from 1 - several of these that are daisy chained - included). A minijack wire (included) connects to the HDBaseT transmitter. The HDBaseT receiver then connects to an emitter (included) on the TV.

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