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Dual TCPIP Control for WolfPack Modular Matrix Systems with 2-LAN Ports

Dual TCPIP ControlTCPIP Control for WolfPack Modular Matrix Systems can be integrated with third party control systems as well as you writing drivers using the LAN port on the back of the matrix. Since there are two LAN ports you can have two users simultaneously be operating the matrix. HDTV Supply already gives you 10-ways to control our WolfPack Modular Matrix Systems:
  1. Free iPad App
  2. Free Android App
  3. Free Web GUI
  4. Its Dual serial RS232 port
  5. Its Dual LAN port
  6. Front panel push-buttons
  7. Optional 7" Color Touchscreen
  8. One-way & 2-Way Control4 drivers
  9. Elan drivers
  10. Free Tablet
HDTV Supply uses both a LAN and RS232 serial communications for connecting a computer or control system to allow serial data exchange between it and our Modular Matrix Systems. Out LAN interface is very similar to RS232. In this example RS232 is often used to control displays and projectors, automated screens, lighting and heating controls, and various sensors and other devices. For that reason RS232 functionality is an important feature as well as with many control products, such as our Modular Matrix Systems. A video can be seen at RS232 Video that shows you all the features of using our Dual-RS232 control interface. It's shows that our matrix switchers are more than a matrix switcher but you also can send the HEX codes to control the surrounding equipment via an RS232 cable, such as control the switching for another matrix, turning a projector ON/OFF and more.

Our Modular WolfPack Modular Matrix Systems have dual LAN ports on the back of the chassis that can be used (1) as a back-up control if one malfunctions and (2) you can use the 2nd-LAN port to control the Matrix Switcher at the same time as the first. Also, we have created a simple and very easy to use way to write your own drivers that can be seen in the TCP & UDP Control Commands For the Wolfpack.

Why not buy an WolfPack Modular Matrix System with TCPIP today?


Once you have written the drivers you now have access to over 2,000 Different WolfPack™ Modular HDMI Matrix Switchers to choose from supporting 12-chassis sizes:
  1. 4x4
  2. 8x8
  3. 9x9
  4. 16x16
  5. 18x18
  6. 36x36
  7. 48x48
  8. 56x56
  9. 64x64
  10. 72x72
  11. 80x80
  12. 160x160

Experienced AV hardware and software professionals can now write their own drivers for 3rd party control systems from:

  • AMX™
  • Creston™
  • Media Switcher™
  • OnControls™
  • Savant™
  • SimpleControl™
  • SwitchItUp™
  • SAVI Control™
  • URC Control™
How to use the info:

END USER: If you are an end user and want to have a whole-house control system from any of the above 3rd party control houses but your budget can't support the price you were quoted, do the following:
  1. Call us for a quote
  2. Once you get our quote call a 3rd party control reseller or installer in your area and tell them "Here is the hardware I want to use, please give me a quote on writing the software and installing all of the hardware at my location." You usually can save $1,000s on larger systems.
CAVEAT: We are not certified by any of the above 3rd party control systems companies nor have the necessary hardware to verify, troubleshoot and support the 3rd party writing of the code. We do warranty, though, that the TCPIP script in the above TCPIP User's Manual has and will work to control the matrix directly.

When one is designing an HDMI Matrix Switch the most important initial specification is the number of inputs and outputs you will need in your facility. The next, and often forgotten, is how the user wants to control those inputs and outputs. HDTV Supply has your back when you're buying one of our WolfPack Family of Modular Matrix Switchers. We have them all shown at Ways to Control Our WolfPack Modular Matrix Systems and here is a summary:

Here Are Numerous Ways To Control Our WolfPack Family Of Modular Matrix Systems:

  1. iPad App (iOS)
  2. iPhone App (iOS)
  3. Android Tablet
  4. Android Phone
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  6. Samsung Galaxy Phone
  7. Web GUI from any browser
  8. Dual RS232 ports
  9. Dual LAN (TCPIP) ports
  10. Front panel push-buttons
  11. Color Touchscreens
  12. Our DTV Sports Bar Control System
  13. One-Way Control4 Drivers
  14. 2-Way Control4 Drivers
  15. Elan Drivers
  16. RTI Drivers
  17. ...and more coming
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