HDMI Over Coax

HDMI Over Coax

These various HDMI over Coax products:
  • Send HDMI via Coax to 1,500' to a HDMI TV
  • Send HDMI via Coax to a TVs Coax Input
  • Splits HDMI & sends via Coax to many TVs
  • OTA Tuners with Coax in & HDMI Out
  • Work in hot, hostile environments
  • Work with new or existing RG6/R59 Coax
  • Supports HD signals to 1080p
  • Plug-n-Play Operation
  • Some with IR
  • Starts at only $100

Our WolfPack™ HDMI over Coax Adapters make us the King of the HDMI over Coax because we have so much experience and number of products. These HDMI over coax extenders convert an HDMI audio and video signal to a single coax cable and sends it over 100 feet, and longer, and then converts the coax back to HDMI. Many allow sending HDMI To Multiple TVs over TV coax cables. They are used in homes that are wired with coax cables and new cabling can't be run. The also can be used with HDMI over coax splitters and HDMI over coax matrix switchers. This HDMI over coax set includes a SEND unit and a RECEIVE unit and both must be used. It cannot work with only one box and needs both boxes. It cannot be used to convert an incoming coax signal to an HDMI signal. Think of it as a long HDMI cable. The below WolfPack™ HDMI to Analog Modulators allow you to easily distribute analog content up to 1080p resolution to a number of displays using the TVs built in tuners using coax cabling, the coax in on the TVs and setting them to Channel 3 or 4. The eliminate the need for cumbersome, expensive set-top-boxes or media players at each display.

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