HDBaseT Rack Mount Enclosure for 12-HDBaseT Extenders

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HDBaseT Rack Mount Enclosure - ~4U
Holds 12-HDBaseT Transmitters and Receivers
One Power Supply Powers All
Rear Mounted Off/On Switch
Cooling fans to cool the extenders
HDTV Supplys WolfPack™ HDBaseT Rack Mount Enclosure is a steel rack mounting kit for some of our WolfPack HDBaseT HDMI to CATx Extenders. The HDBaseT Rack Mount Enclosure supports 12-HDBaseT Extenders & they can be either HDBaseT Transmitters (TX) or HDBaseT Receivers (RX). It is created as an HDBaseT cable management solution to allow 12-combinations of HDBaseT Transmitters & Receivers to be installed in a 19 inch rack.

HDBaseT Rack Mount Enclosure Features:

  • Holds 12 - HDBaseT Transmitters or Receivers
  • One Power Supply Powers All
  • Rear Mounted Off/On Switch
  • POC or POH Supported
  • ~4RU open chassis height so it won't run hot even with 12 - TXs or RXs
  • One year warranty
The HDBaseT Rack Mount Enclosure uses one power supply to power 12 - TXs or RXs and are kept cool by an enclosed cooling fan. The enclosure comes with 11 panel blanks. The one piece design makes for an clean looking HDBaseT installation allowing you to install and troubleshoot easily. Also, there are no parts to lose or replace.

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