See these-4x4 HDMI Matrix Switchers w/Apps, WEB GUI, 4K/30, 4K/60, HDBaseT, URC, Elan, RTI, Control4 & have options for:

  • Starts at $175
  • Fixed, card cage or LAN design
  • HDMI & HDBaseT In & Out
  • iOS/Android Apps & WEB GUI on some
  • Optional HDMI over CAT6 Baluns to 330'
  • Color Touchscreens
  • DirecTV Channel Control with an iPad

See 36-WolfPack™ 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switchers with options for 4K/30, 4K/60, HDMI over IP, Wireless, Video Walls, 100ms Switching, WEB GUI, iOS/Android Apps, Color Touchscreens, Dual Monitors, Control4, URC, Crestron, Elan & more. Because they are matrix switchers, they allow any input to be switched to any output, or an input to be routed to all outputs or any combination.

Optionally many support our Sports Bar Control system that with an iPad you can see, change, and send any DirecTV channel to TVs with the iPad showing your sports bar floor plan. All this shows on only one iPad page.

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