Sports Bar TV Guide Add-on for a Tablet or Smart Phone

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TV Guide For WolfPack Matrix Switchers
See DirecTV & Cable Listings
Uses Tablet or Smart Phone
Used with our DirecTV / Cable iPad Subsystem
1-YR, 2-YR & 3-YR Yearly Subscription Service
Only 27-Cents Per Day
HDTV Supplys WolfPack™ TV Guide for WolfPack Matrix Switchers lets you see DirecTV and Cable TV Guide Listings on any tablet, like an iPad or a Smart Phone. With this yearly subscription service get the ultimate Sports Bar companion with our TV Guide product. It makes TV simple again with the best listings grid ever. Click on the Favorites "heart" icon to add channels to your Favorite list that makes it super easy to navigate to the primary channel you use.

To see the TV Guide you must first select a source on the left. Next touch the TV icon on the main navigator to populate the data. To change a channel just touch the station or the show you would like to change it too. From the Guide you may also select your favorite channels by touching the heart to the right of the station. Your selection will automatically be included on your Favorites page. Like the floor plan the guide is also pannable. The TV Guide is optional and requires a subscription.

Standard with the base system, the bar tender switches the matrix so the DirecTV / CableTV receiver is playing on a viewable TV. Click the GUIDE button on the tablet, and then navigate the DirecTV / CableTV guide from that receiver as you would with a hand held remote control.

With our optional TV Guide service, for both DirecTV and Cable boxes you just click the receiver on the Tablet, click the Guide icon and on the Tablet comes up a populated guide for that locality and service (ie: DirecTV or Spectrum or Cox cable et al). It's that easy.

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