VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter

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Convert VGA to a composite or S-Video signal
Supports VGA resolutions to 1024x768@60/75hz
Includes VGA pass-through
Want to connect your computer to your TV but your TV doesn't have a VGA input? This VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter will convert a VGA computer display signal into a composite (Yellow RCA) and/or S-video TV display signal. The VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter has buttons on the side to access an on-screen menu to adjust some settings such as brightness, contrast and cropping (if your TV cuts off some of the display you can adjust the margins). This converter has very simple controls for adjusting the position of the picture and a small menu for color, size, sharpness, flicker and other values- there is no readout on these in terms of where they are set, you just have to press arrows.

NOTE: This VGA to Composite & S-video converter allows you to connect your VGA device only with resolutions of 640x480/72/75/85Hz and 800x600@60/75hz and 1024x768@60/75hz. Other resolutions may give you picture problems. Start out with your PC video card set to 1024x768 and 60 Hz and then reset your PC.

Supporting both NTSC and PAL formats, this converter has a VGA pass through that maintain your monitor's connection while sending signals to TV. Easy to install and use, the device allows you to adjust the picture as per your choice with the help of its fine-tuning control buttons. This unit derives its power from a USB port on your computer and if you want to connect it to your wall you can purchase the USB power supply separately. Video cables are also included in the package.

This VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter supports VGA resolutions of:

  • 640x480 @ 60/72/75/85hz
  • 800x600 @ 60/75hz
  • 1024x76 8 @60/75hz
The VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter even has a VGA pass through so that you can keep your computer monitor connected while sending a signal to the TV. All outputs are driven simultaneously. If you need audio too, use a headphone cable from the PC headphone jack to the right and left RCA jacks of your TV, etc.

The VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter is simple to use. It has fine tuning controls to adjust the picture to your preference. It draws power from an available USB port using a supplied USB power cable. Video cables are also included.

NOTE: This unit CANNOT be used in reverse and convert a composite or S-video signal to a VGA signal.

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One feature that many like is that the VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter will output both VGA and composite/s-video at the same time (video cards with composite/s-video outputs won't do this). This allows you to view the higher resolution VGA output on a HDTV (which has a VGA input) while simultaneously distributing the lower resolution video through a home cable system (with a video modulator) so that the other TVs in the home can also display the same video.

VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter Specifications:

  • Input: 1 VGA (HD15)
  • Output: 1 VGA (HD15), 1 composite (RCA), 1 S-Video.
  • Power: 5 volt via USB
  • Supported VGA resolutions: 640x480@60/72/75/85hz - 800x600@60/75hz - 1024x768@60/75hz
  • Compatible with both PC and Macs.
  • Supports both PAL and NTSC televisions.
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 56mm x 36mm

Why not buy this VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter today

This VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter will work with the below with the appropriate VGA outputs:

  1. Any PC that conforms to the resolution in the specs of this VGA device
  2. Any "Over The Air" (OTA) high definition receiver with VGA outputs
  3. Any high definition Dish Network and DirecTV receiver with VGA outputs
  4. High definition TiVo's with VGA outputs
  5. Any high definition cable receiver with VGA outputs
  6. and other similar devices with VGA outputs.

Why not buy this VGA to Composite & S-Video Converter today