Stereo Audio to 3.5mm Y Cables

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Stereo audio to 3.5mm Y converter cables
Must select male or female RCA ends
These 2 RCA connectors to one 3.5mm stereo adapters are a short cable to adapt 2 stereo RCA cables to a 3.5mm jack.

Stereo Audio to 3.5mm Y Cable Adapter Features:

  • The 3.5 mm jack is male
  • The RCA end can be either male or female
  • 3.7mm OD Black PVC jacket
  • Fully Molded Nickel Plated RCA Plugs
  • AWG 26 Stranded Copper Center Conductor
  • Low Loss 95% Spiral Wound Copper Shield
  • 99.99% Pure Oxygen Free Copper Wire
NOTE: They come in 2 versions with either male or female RCA connectors. The 3.5mm plug is always male.

It works very well with converting sound from a computer or any other source that outputs in 3.5mm (small headphone - 1/8th inch) to a receiver, amp, or any device that uses a stereo RCA input.

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